SRB Field Rests~Jeanne Peebles

I had the opportunity to field test SRB Field Rests during hunting season and was very pleased with the results. As anyone knows,¬†there is always the challenge of dealing with your gun when¬†hunting on the ground whether in a ground … Continue reading

Redring Shotgun Sight-Diane Hassinger

During the Shot Show Media Day at the Range I had the chance to shoot clay pigeons with the Redring Shotgun Sight. It was set up on a 12 gauge double barrel shotgun, and looked more like a rifle scope … Continue reading

HiViz with TriViz Fiber Optic Shotgun Sight – Diane Hassinger

The HiViz shotgun sight, called the TriViz, is a very reasonable priced sight that helps with your turkey shooting and other shot-gunning situations. The TriViz is a front and rear combination sight set with green HiViz LitePipes, that utilizes a … Continue reading