Bogs Pearl Tall Boot~ Leann Blasko

Living an outdoor life style you never know what you are going to be getting into. You may be in the woods one minute and have to be presentable in public the next. I often find myself checking game camera … Continue reading

Ethics Archery – The Spinning Insert ~ Jennifer Metzker

One thing that I dislike about archery season is having to re-sight my crossbow in with broad heads. The Ethics Archery – The Spinning Insert ~ Jennifer Metzkerpossibility of dulling my brand new broad head blades, or stripping vanes off … Continue reading

FLUGZ Hearing Protection ~ Judy Black

It is whitetail season in Michigan so it is the perfect time to test the new FLUGZ, formable hearing protection. Whether you are 8 or 80, ear protection is very important. Did you know that a normal conversation is between … Continue reading

Pro Motion Targets, Swing Shot ~ Leann Blasko

Want to add a new twist on target practice? The Swing Shot by Pro Motion Targets is for the new marksman or can challenge even the most experienced marksmen. Designed to be used for airguns, archery, rifles, small caliber pistols … Continue reading

Megaboom Targets ~ Leann Blasko

Are you looking to add more boom to your target practice? Do you get an adrenaline rush with every shot you take, even when it is just target practice? When the fun of shooting goes away and you want to … Continue reading

Styrka S7 series Scope~ Leann Blasko

While attending the ATA show in January I boldly walked up to an optics company that was very new to the market, I introduced myself to the men at the booth who eagerly introduced me to their scopes. When they … Continue reading

YPOD Shooting Rest ~ Diane Hassinger

Do you lug out a lead weighted shooting sled each time you target shoot? How about shooting sticks that are 4-5 feet high? I used to, but now I can pop my YPod into my shooting bag, along with my … Continue reading

MEC-GAR magazines ~ Leann Blasko

When you carry your pistol you should be proficient with it; how often do you go to the range and practice? When you go to the range do you have extra magazines so you are not reloading constantly while shooting? … Continue reading