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McNett Gear Aid Aquaseal ~ Shannon Brandon Best


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If fishing is your thing but being cold and wet is not, then I hope you are packing Aquaseal in your repair kit. I love to fish but hate to get wet, which usually results in and freeze!

Aquaseal works on all of your outdoor items and materials, forming a strong, flexible fix for holes, gashes and tears. Photo: McNett Gear Aid

McNett Gear Aid has a great solution to keeping you dry when wade fishing, and thus warmer too! Aquaseal is a flexible adhesive that makes permanent repairs to holes and leaky seams of your favorite waders, rubber boots and other outdoor products. The flexible urethane repair adhesive and seam sealer helps you obtain maximum strength gear repair and is safe on all of your outdoor materials! Extreme cold and heat do not affect the strength or flexibility, and best of all it is made in the USA!
Every year we travel to upstate New York for the annual salmon run.  We camp along the stream and literally spend from sun up to sun down in our chest waders.  The temperatures are usually in the upper 30’s in the morning rising into the low 50’s in the afternoon.

Having leaky waders is NOT an option, that is why I always pack Aquaseal by Gear Aid.

Smiles like this mean dry feet and good fish! Made possible by Aquaseal! Photo: Shannon Brandon Best

Smiles like this mean dry feet and good fish! Made possible by Aquaseal! Photo: Shannon Brandon Best



Last year it rained the whole time and my brand new boots leaked the first day. I pealed wet cold boots off that evening and dried them by the fire. Using Aquaseal over the seams I woke up to dry boots for the rest of our trip! By the end of our trip I was out of Aquaseal because many of my family members also had leaks in their boots from the seams leaking or sparks landing on the thin breathable material.  Aquaseal fixed all the adults thin material wader leaks as well as the leaks in the kids neoprene waders.

This year, in our dry run preparing our salmon trip, I am pleased to say that my boots sealed last year with Aquaseal are repelling water better than they did the first day I put them on! You can be sure that Aquaseal will be making the trip with us again this year! Aquaseal can be purchased at for the MSRP of $7.25. You can also find Aquaseal at many outdoor retailers.

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