Gear Aid ARC LED Light & Power Station ~ Diane Hassinger

When I got the Gear Aid ARC Light & Power Station and RAM Magnetic Light Mount, I was so excited because I just knew this would be life changing when doing quad trips or when out hunting. Little did I … Continue reading

Scentlok Enforcer-Personal Ozone Generator by JoAnn Herbert

I wasn’t sure what to think when first looking at the Scentlok Enforcer Personal Ozone Generator.  There have been various types of ozone generators showing up in the marketplace and I was wondering if this was a fad or not. … Continue reading

Swhacker 3-Blade Broadheads ~ Diane Hassinger

Swhacker’s have been my mechanical broadhead of choice for many years now. I have harvested deer, bear, turkeys and hogs with them and I have complete faith in their ability to make a lethal shot on any animal I hunt. … Continue reading

Siberian Coolers ~ Leann Blasko

The cooler industry is a cutting edge industry, that companies have to be on the top of their game to be the best! In order to have the best insulation, a lot of coolers end up being large and are … Continue reading

Thermacell Max Life Mosquito Repellent Mats and Scout Lantern ~ Diane Hassinger

Anyone who has hunted during mosquito season knows how fast they can ruin your hunt or even your whole trip. Most of the animals I like to hunt inhabit some of the worst mosquito infested areas you can imagine. I … Continue reading

10X Lockdown Softshell Jacket/Pants-Judy Black

From the north woods of Michigan to the snow-covered mountains of British Columbia, the 10X Lockdown jacket and pants are the only outerwear you will ever need to pack. It was 57 degrees opening morning of whitetail season in northern … Continue reading