RedHead Liner Gloves by JoAnn Herbert

The hunting season usually involves different combinations of weather; from 80 degrees on opening day to below freezing in the dead of winter.  I found out very quickly that hunting required a bit larger wardrobe than just a pair of … Continue reading

Woolpower Merino Wool Vest 400~ Diane Hassinger

While I was at the SHOT Show this year, I noticed a booth for Woolpower. They had a vest hanging, and I was immediately drawn to it. I love wearing wool during our cold winters, and this vest could be … Continue reading

Wildfowler Outfitter Waterproof Cover-Up Suit by Ariel McCracken

During the late season of hunting, it can be difficult to conceal yourself while on your hunt. Snow can be one of your biggest enemies when trying to blend into your surroundings for late season hunts, especially when you live … Continue reading

HECS Stealthscreen- Ariel McCracken

  We’ve all been there before—woke up before the crack of dawn, climbed into our tree stands to get settled in for your big hunt ahead, waited patiently for any activity, and quickly gotten busted by the first deer that … Continue reading

Yukon Gear Ladies Jacket‭ ~‬ Leann Blasko

I am a coat snob!‭ ‬I own a lot of different coats and often I am disappointed by the lack of versatility in them.‭ ‬Either the coats are tight and restrict my movement or they are simply not cut out for weather … Continue reading