HSS Lifeline 2015 ~ Diane Hassinger

Did you know that 86% of tree stand accidents happen while getting in or out of the tree stand? If you had a way to minimize the risk, would you take it? I know I would! I am a long … Continue reading

Hunter Safety System Contour Harness for Women ~ Diane Hassinger

I have long been a fan of the Hunter Safety System‘s products. I figure when it comes to personal safety, you need a company you can trust, and a product that you are willing to stake your life on, which … Continue reading

Lifeline by Hunter Safety Systems-Diane Hassinger

Do you know someone who has suffered a fall from a tree stand? Unfortunately, I do. His fall was not the fault of not wearing a harness, but rather from the transition from the lock on to the climbing sticks. … Continue reading

Hunter Safety System Lady Pro Series Harness – Diane Hassinger

Do you wear a safety harness when you are in a tree stand?  I sure hope you do.  I personally know a young man who failed to wear a harness, since he was only 12’ high in the tree.  You … Continue reading