HME Products Trail Camera Holder-Strap On ~Diane Hassinger

I often find myself needing to hang a game camera in an area I do not have permission to put anything into a tree, like a screw in hanger. HME has the perfect solution in the form of the Trail … Continue reading

HME Better Crossbow Hanger and Maxx Hoisting Rope ~Diane Hassinger

I typically hunt archery with my crossbow, due to surgeries. The bulkiness of the crossbows cause me to end up holding it the entire time I am in a tree stand. HME Products has designed a Better Crossbow Hanger that … Continue reading

Archer’s Hard Surface Practice Hanger~Diane Hassinger

Making good ethical shots when hunting is very important to everyone in my family. Therefore, we practice shooting year round. During the winter it is difficult enough to go outside to shoot our bows, without having to fight the snow … Continue reading