RPS Extreme Record Play Shoot by Cass Creek ~ Leann Blasko

Living on a farm in Pennsylvania leaves me with plenty of predators to be on the watch for. When I was given the opportunity to try out the RPS Extreme- Record-Play-Shoot by Cass Creek I knew it would get plenty … Continue reading

Harmon Scents by Cass Creek makes Sense-Diane Hassinger

Everyone knows that a deer’s sense of smell is much more fine tuned than ours.  Trying to trick that sensitive nose is sometimes a recipe for disaster, but not this year. As whitetail deer season rolled around with everyone is trying … Continue reading

Cass Creek’s Nomad Wild Boar Call Brings in the Bacon – Diane Hassinger

Cass Creek Outdoors makes one of the few wild boar calls I have been able to find. Their Nomad Wild Boar Call with Moving Sound Remote gives you a wide selection of hog calls designed to help you bring home … Continue reading