Scentlok Enforcer-Personal Ozone Generator by JoAnn Herbert

I wasn’t sure what to think when first looking at the Scentlok Enforcer Personal Ozone Generator.  There have been various types of ozone generators showing up in the marketplace and I was wondering if this was a fad or not. … Continue reading

HALO Optics XL450 Laser Rangefinder ~ Nancy Jo Adams

Several bowhunters that I know don’t own a rangefinder for one reason or another. They are either very good at judging yardage or extremely lucky with their guesses. I found out on a recent bowhunting trip how important it is … Continue reading

BoneView Trail Camera Viewer by JoAnn Herbert

I have a love/hate relationship with trail cameras and all the accompanying equipment that goes with them.  They are a fantastic tool to see a glimpse of time into a certain area and its inhabitants.  There is a lot leg … Continue reading

True Timber Leafy Green Suit ~ Jennifer Metzker

Blending into your surroundings is a must while hunting any kind of game. The keen eyes of Turkey and Deer can make or break your hunt. When Turkey Hunting, I like to tuck in to a bushy area to conceal … Continue reading

Danner Boots – Jennifer Metzker

  Comfortable footwear is especially important to me while hunting. During turkey season, I walk everywhere and sometimes all day. I need hunting boots that will keep my feet “happy” during and after the hunt. Also, my feet tend to … Continue reading

Kid’s Rugged II by Muck Boot Company ~ Leann Blasko

Inside, outside, through the woods, up a tree, and into the mud. Where do your children go each and everyday? Living the outdoor lifestyle happens more then just during hunting season. It is also something that starts much younger then … Continue reading

Daisy Archery ~ Leann Blasko

The sound of the arrow as you release, the feeling of excitement when your arrow hits the target, the confidence you gain, as you become a stronger shot. All of these are reasons I want my children to grown up … Continue reading

Huntress Pack by ALPS OutdoorZ ~ Leann Blasko

Binoculars, extra ammo, a bottle of water, snacks, plus all the extra gear you need while hunting add up fast. How are you going to carry everything? With a pack that not only is high quality but that is comfortable … Continue reading

Xecutioner Broadheads ~ Kim Hessing

  Xecutioner “Born 2 Kill” Broadheads             BROADHEADS – (fixed-blade, mechanical or hybrid) Which style to use? …Certainly one of the most important and forever-debatable decisions, every archery hunter must make. How about a mechanical/expandable broadhead? More specifically, how about one with … Continue reading

Guide Gear Deer Cart – Jennifer L Metzker

The Georgia Land that we hunt is heavily wooded with mid-size pines. As we scouted last summer, we found a spot way back in the pines that we built a four-foot by six-foot tower stand. Concerned about the drag length, … Continue reading