Safety-Light Bino Harness / Rick Young Outdoors ~ Jeanne Peebles

What did we ever do without a bino harness? I have come to see a bino harness as such a necessity. that I was super excited to take the Safety-Light Bino Harness from Rick Young Outdoors into the field. I … Continue reading

Styrka S7 series Binocular ~ Leann Blasko

When hunting or spending a large quantity of time outdoors a good set of binoculars can make a big difference on your experience. Will you be able to identify that animal coming towards you at 200 yards or is it … Continue reading

TRUGLO Open Bridge Binoculars ~ Diane Hassinger

This past year I was in the market for a new pair of binoculars for hunting. While at ATA, I talked at length with TRUGLO about their products, and shortly after I was testing out their Open Bridge Binoculars in … Continue reading

Alpen® Optics Shasta Ridge® Binocular: “The better to see you with, my dear!” – Michelle B

Whether I am hunting, hiking, or site seeing, I always have a good binocular within an  arms reach.  Finding a quality binocular with the right fit for my small face and hands, however, has proven difficult.  I have found that … Continue reading