Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Insulated Womens Boot ~ Nikita Dalke

I have been wearing Scarpas for the last few years and they have taken a beating. They have been with me hunting in Texas twice, roaming the mountains here in BC, and hunted the dry terrain of Spain. Last season … Continue reading

Carnivore Ultra-Lightweight Arrows by Black Eagle Arrows ~ Nikita Dalke

I love archery, and I love being able to test new gear. Im sure most have heard of Black Eagle Arrows by now. They are a fast growing arrow company that has made a very good name for themselves. I … Continue reading

Tine Tower ~ Nikita Dalke

When a photo on my Facebook feed popped up with a beautiful picture of antlers elegantly hanging off a wall, I immediately had to check out the page. My first thought was what a brilliant idea! Then I looked around … Continue reading

Wilderness Athlete – Nikita Dalke

For anyone who is in the world of fitness, they know that supplements can be a great contributing factor to their health and to their workouts. I’ve been heavy into fitness for six years now; five years of weight training … Continue reading

60x Custom Strings ~ Nikita Dalke

Well after a few years with my compound bow and the original strings and cables, I decided it was time to put a new one on. So i jumped at the opportunity to test out some custom strings and cables … Continue reading