The MR450 Repeller By ThermaCell

Most of us that spend our time in the outdoors know how important mosquito control can be especially when hunting, whether it be turkey season or deer season. I started out with the very first ThermaCell that came available. It … Continue reading

Caldwell Lead Sled Plus ~ Jennifer Metzker

Thankfully, hunting season is just around the corner for us. In preparation, we always make sure that our rifles are shooting accurately. Sighting in a rifle can be a difficult task without the proper set up. Holding the rifle in … Continue reading

LaCrosse Women’s Alpha Lite 14″

I am a big fan of LaCrosse hunting boots. In fact, the Alpha Burly boots are the only rubber boots I wear during hunting season. So when the opportunity became available to review the LaCrosse Women’s Alpha Lite Boot, I … Continue reading

True Timber Leafy Green Suit ~ Jennifer Metzker

Blending into your surroundings is a must while hunting any kind of game. The keen eyes of Turkey and Deer can make or break your hunt. When Turkey Hunting, I like to tuck in to a bushy area to conceal … Continue reading

Danner Boots – Jennifer Metzker

  Comfortable footwear is especially important to me while hunting. During turkey season, I walk everywhere and sometimes all day. I need hunting boots that will keep my feet “happy” during and after the hunt. Also, my feet tend to … Continue reading

A Tour of the True Timber Factory ~ Jennifer Metzker

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to tour the True Timber Factory in Inman, SC. I have always enjoyed stopping by the outlet store and picking up some new camouflage apparel or camouflage fabric. My family has shopped … Continue reading

Ethics Archery – The Spinning Insert ~ Jennifer Metzker

One thing that I dislike about archery season is having to re-sight my crossbow in with broad heads. The Ethics Archery – The Spinning Insert ~ Jennifer Metzkerpossibility of dulling my brand new broad head blades, or stripping vanes off … Continue reading