The MR450 Repeller By ThermaCell

Most of us that spend our time in the outdoors know how important mosquito control can be especially when hunting, whether it be turkey season or deer season. I started out with the very first ThermaCell that came available. It … Continue reading

Safety-Light Bino Harness / Rick Young Outdoors ~ Jeanne Peebles

What did we ever do without a bino harness? I have come to see a bino harness as such a necessity. that I was super excited to take the Safety-Light Bino Harness from Rick Young Outdoors into the field. I … Continue reading

Buck Cage ~ Jeanne Peebles

As a hunter I am always looking for a product that is easy and convenient for me to take into the woods as well as giving me multiple uses in a product. The Buck Cage fit the criteria perfectly. The … Continue reading

Sportsman Camo Covers ~ Jeanne Peebles

When I first bought my Jeep, I knew I would be using it as an everyday vehicle but would also use it for all sorts of hunting and fishing. I realized very quickly that throwing equipment, boots, tools, and so … Continue reading

InvisiBelle by Southern Belle Outdoors ~ Jeanne Peebles

Everyone knows that one of the key components to success in the woods is remaining scent-free. For a long time women have had to use what the guys used; in most cases the liquid soap was also the shampoo, and … Continue reading

Goat Tuff Arrow Fletcher & Arrow Shaft Cleaner ~ Jeanne Peebles

Being relatively new to bow hunting I have never fletched my own arrows and was a little intimidated with what I assumed was a difficult task. When I received the Goat Tuff Arrow Shaft Cleaner Kit and Goat Tuff Arrow Fletcher product, I was … Continue reading

Altera Prevail Socks – Jeanne Peebles

Socks. What is the big deal? Everyone wears them. When you are someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, socks ARE a big deal. You want socks that keep your feet warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather. … Continue reading