Yukon Gear Ladies Jacket‭ ~‬ Leann Blasko

I am a coat snob!‭ ‬I own a lot of different coats and often I am disappointed by the lack of versatility in them.‭ ‬Either the coats are tight and restrict my movement or they are simply not cut out for weather … Continue reading

NRA Eddie Eagle Program ~Leann Blasko

Since‭ ‬1988‭ ‬the NRA has taught more than‭ ‬26‭ ‬million children in all‭ ‬50‭ ‬states,‭ ‬preschool through third grade,‭ ‬four steps to take if they find a gun‭; ‬stop,‭ ‬don’t touch,‭ ‬leave the area,‭ ‬go tell an adult.‭ ‬This program is … Continue reading

The White’s Tale Board Game – Shannon Best

The Archery Trade Association (ATA) created their Explore Bowhunting curriculum to increase interest in today’s youth for bowhunting, part of that curriculum is the White’s Tale Board Game. This is a 2-6 player game, ages 8 and up, where each … Continue reading

Target-Factory Proves to be Convenient and Durable – Misty Lou Lyman

How many of you have had to run and change out a paper target every 15 round or so…or have to go and set your Skoal can or Coke can back up after shooting it down?  I recently had the … Continue reading

Alpen® Optics Shasta Ridge® Binocular: “The better to see you with, my dear!” – Michelle B

Whether I am hunting, hiking, or site seeing, I always have a good binocular within an  arms reach.  Finding a quality binocular with the right fit for my small face and hands, however, has proven difficult.  I have found that … Continue reading

Make Ready with Jessie Abbate-Leann Blasko

Leann Blasko is a guest reviewer for Ladies in Camo.  She is a 4th degree Black Belt in the American Taekwondo Association, and teaches self defense clinics in the Western Pennsylvania area.  She has been shooting all types of firearms … Continue reading