Hartcraft Scooptail Deep Cut Broadheads- Nikita Dalke

Broadheads are always a big topic of discussion for bowhunters; with all the different brands and styles how does one choose? Personally, I prefer something that is solid and will cut on contact. I had the pleasure of field testing … Continue reading

Falcon Strike Recoil Pad- Nikita Dalke

Falcon Strike is a Canadian company based out of Ontario that makes hydraulic recoil pads. The hydraulic system is a highly perfected Energy Conversion System Hydraulic damper which converts 94% of the recoil energy into heat, meaning you get 35% … Continue reading

Cabelas OutfitHer Dry-Plus Bibs & 4-in-1Parka ~ Nikita Dalke

The Cabelas OutftHer Dry-Plus 4-in-1 Parka is made for the cold, nasty weather. I received this jacket in October, and I’m so glad I did!  We had an unnaturally cold month for November with temperatures dipping down to -30C/-22F and this jacket … Continue reading

Havalon Knives Stag Knife ~ Nikita Dalke

I received a newsletter in my email from Havalon Knives announcing the new release of the Havalon Knives Stag knife and I instantly loved the look of it. My husband has the Piranta and I have used it, so I … Continue reading

Peca Products Outdoorsman Kit & Camo Kit ~ Nikita Dalke

Peca products makes lens cleaners and they offer multiple different kits to fit your needs. I received the Outdoorsman kit and the anti-fog camo kit to test out on my own optics. I was looking forward to trying them out, … Continue reading

Extreme Wrist Sling and Mount ~ Nikita Dalke

When you are into archery its always nice being able to customize your bow to suit your personality and to give it a little flare. Companies are now catering to this idea as well by providing different color risers, strings … Continue reading

Hunting Revolution Sling-on by Nikita Dalke

This product is a very simple but great concept. I’m surprised somebody didn’t come up with it years ago! Kudos to Hunting Revolution for thinking of it. The Sling-on attaches to your gun sling and is made of an elastic … Continue reading

Her Non Scents-Nikita Dalke

Her Non Scents offers a stylist created shampoo, conditioner and body wash line for the huntress and its all made by hand from scratch! The shampoo is color safe and sulfate free. It’s made without harsh surfactants, which means you … Continue reading