Watson Airlock Bottomless 26 and Camo Carrier ~ Nancy Jo Adams

In preparation of my South Africa hunt, I have taken my Watson AirLock Bottomless 26 Bowhunter’s Roller Bag out of the gear room to start packing items; after all, it is never too early to start preparing. I have full … Continue reading

Lansky Sharpeners BowSharp – Ladies in Camo Staff

As an archer you must have full confidence in your equipment to give you the best chance on making that perfect shot. From sharp broadhead blades to having your sight pins tightened down and everything in between requires a hunter … Continue reading

Hot Logic Mini-Mac Personal Portable Oven – Ladies in Camo Staff

Hot Logic Mini-Mac Personal Portable Oven Hunting gear isn’t always camouflage or something that we would bring to the stand with us. Sometimes hunting gear is something that we use before, after or while traveling to a hunt. Hunting camp … Continue reading

Camo FX® Face Coloring System – Teri Lancaster

Being an avid hunter in the south usually means hunting in extreme heat. Wearing a face mask can usually make the hunting conditions even hotter and almost unbearable. Face paint is a cooler alternative for hunters who do not wish … Continue reading

LeMaster Waterfowl Identification App – Ladies in Camo Staff

Being able to correctly identify the variety of species is very important when waterfowl hunting. Correct identification will keep you legal when it comes to bag limits and legal birds to shoot. In 1986 Richard LeMaster’s book “Waterfowl Identification: The … Continue reading

Gorilla G-TacAir Safety Harness for Women – Teri Lancaster

Wearing a safety harness in the tree stand has always been cumbersome and uncomfortable for me –until now. I purchased the Gorilla G15 safety harness a few years ago and even though it was not ideal for my female frame, I found … Continue reading