Safety-Light Bino Harness / Rick Young Outdoors ~ Jeanne Peebles

What did we ever do without a bino harness? I have come to see a bino harness as such a necessity. that I was super excited to take the Safety-Light Bino Harness from Rick Young Outdoors into the field. I … Continue reading

Buck Cage ~ Jeanne Peebles

As a hunter I am always looking for a product that is easy and convenient for me to take into the woods as well as giving me multiple uses in a product. The Buck Cage fit the criteria perfectly. The … Continue reading

Sportsman Camo Covers ~ Jeanne Peebles

When I first bought my Jeep, I knew I would be using it as an everyday vehicle but would also use it for all sorts of hunting and fishing. I realized very quickly that throwing equipment, boots, tools, and so … Continue reading

InvisiBelle by Southern Belle Outdoors ~ Jeanne Peebles

Everyone knows that one of the key components to success in the woods is remaining scent-free. For a long time women have had to use what the guys used; in most cases the liquid soap was also the shampoo, and … Continue reading

Goat Tuff Arrow Fletcher & Arrow Shaft Cleaner ~ Jeanne Peebles

Being relatively new to bow hunting I have never fletched my own arrows and was a little intimidated with what I assumed was a difficult task. When I received the Goat Tuff Arrow Shaft Cleaner Kit and Goat Tuff Arrow Fletcher product, I was … Continue reading

Altera Prevail Socks – Jeanne Peebles

Socks. What is the big deal? Everyone wears them. When you are someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, socks ARE a big deal. You want socks that keep your feet warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather. … Continue reading

ConQuest Stink Stick – Jeanne Peebles

How many scent dispensers have you tried? I, myself, have tried more than I care to admit. Most were store-bought and some even home-made but none have been exactly what was promised or even what I expected. During the 2013-14 hunting … Continue reading