Yeti Roadie 20~ Diane Hassinger

The Yeti Roadie 20 in the Special Edition color Pink.
Photo: Yeti

Do you put your Yeti’s away for the Winter? I used to, but no longer! I know how well my Yeti’s do keeping stuff cold when the weather is hot, but they do equally as well keeping hot foods hot on miserable cold days too!

I have a Yeti Roadie in my favorite color of Seafoam. This cooler goes everywhere with me; road trips, camping, fishing, swimming, quad riding,and now sled riding. I never worry about my drinks or food when they are in the Yeti, with just a small amount of ice, I am good for the day, or even longer. Recently I was putting away our bigger Yeti’s for the winter, when the kids wanted to go sled riding. I am not a big fan of the cold, but this was our first big snowfall of the Winter, and kids (and me) will be kids. As we

Don’t put your Yeti Roadie away when cold weather hits, you can keep your hot drinks ready for a bunch of cold sled riders,
Photo: Dale Hassinger

were heading out, I wanted to bring along some hot chocolate and coffee, but I did not have enough thermos’s for it all, so I did what anyone would do, I packed the Yeti with canning jars of hot drinks, and another one of just hot water. I packed all this on a runner sled and pulled it out to the hillside. After a few runs everyone was ready for some refreshments, and the hot chocolate was still steaming! Pairing this great cooler with my Yeti Lowball kept everything nice and hot. My Roadie may never be put away again! While on the hillside, the Yeti did double duty as a bench and a table, the cooler can hold my weight and then some as a bench. Pairing this great cooler with my Yeti Lowball kept everything

Measuring on the outside 13 5/8” × 14 1/4” × 19 1/8” with an interior of 8 3/8” × 9 7/8” × 13”, the Roadie can hold 20 pounds of ice (ice alone) or 16 cans of beverages.  The weight is 15 pounds empty. The Yeti Roadie is made with the same great features as its bigger brothers, including fat wall design, which means there is a full 2″ of pressure-injected commercial-grade polyurethane foam insulation. The roto-molded means that the cooler can take just about anything life can throw at it, or drop it from. There are lots of additional features including; T-Rex Lid Latches, Anchorpoint tie down slots, Neverfail hinge system, Interlock Lid system, Coldlock Gasket, Vortex Drain System, and Bearfood non-slip feet. Luckily the Roadie is made to withstand -ME-! Coming in from sled riding, I threw the Roadie in the back of the Ranger, and not only one, but twice, I bounced the cooler out of the bed. No worries thou, my Yeti never even got scratched. I love products that can stand up to anything I can do to them.

The MSRP is $199.99 and is available in White, Desert Tan, Ice Blue and Special Edition Pink. You can get more information and ordering information at My husband has the Desert Tan one, and I have the Seafoam one and most times both are in use at the same time.

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