Balleck Thermal Relief Lotion for X-tremities- Nikita Dalke

I am always cold. When I was younger I got a bit of hypothermia and it seriously messed up the way my body regulates its temperature. Fast forward a decade or more…I started having troubles with my hands. They are always cold even during the summer, sometimes my fingers turn white, my nails go purple and I lose all feeling. Doctor diagnosed me with Raynaud’s Disease. Not much I can do but carry gloves with me everywhere I go. When temperatures drop to 10 degrees Celsius or lower I have to wear gloves all the time. When my hands get cold the joints ache to the point it’s very painful and I can’t use them.

Nikita enjoying the outdoors, thanks to the use of Ballek Thermal Relief Lotion.  Photo: Nikita Dalke


A lady on my facebook friends list had posted about these great products she uses and I noticed one of the products was a thermal lotion, so I contacted Cammi, the lady that owns the company. After chatting back and forth on email she sent me some of the thermal cream to try out. I keep the little bottle in my purse and switch it to my backpack for hunts or hikes so it is always with me.

The Thermal Relief Lotion by Balleck.  Photo from Balleck

I first tested it while out shed hunting with the family. It was a very cold and windy day and I had made sure to stick it in my pocket before leaving the truck. After a while my gloves were not keeping my hands warm enough so I decided to test out the lotion. It has a very strong cinnamon smell, so if you rely heavily on scent suppression and elimination it may not work the best while hunting, I like to play the wind so a little scent doesn’t concern me and once the gloves go back on the smell is lessened that much more.  I put it on my hands and waited for the lotion to dry before putting my gloves back on, in a few minutes my hands had stopped aching and once my gloves were back on my hands warmed. I have used many times since this first time and have even let a friend try it out to see how it worked on her hands. She didn’t have any gloves, but she doesn’t have the same issues I do. After a few minutes I asked how her hands were- warmed up was her reply. It must have kept her hands warm for the rest of the day because she never asked for more!

Use the thermal cream on your hands, feet, core and ears, but keep it away from your eyes. Photo: Nikita Dalke

You can use the lotion on your hands, feet, core and or ears but be careful to avoid getting in your eyes. The product works best under socks, gloves or a hat and you can use it on tired and sore muscles. The thermal relief lotion is vegan, paraben free, gluten free and phthalate free. It comes in a 2 oz bottle which is perfect for packing along where ever you go.

You can purchase the Thermal Relief Lotion from and the MSRP is $19.99.

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