Seek Reveal CompactPro~ Diane Hassinger

I have had a lot of fun with my Seek Thermal products! I have used them to track wounded deer, spot bear on my way to the barn, search for horses that got out of the fence, and tonight I used the Seek Reveal CompactPro in a manor that has left me somewhat depressed.

Earlier today I found a young doe bedded down right beside my grandchildren’s swing-set. My dogs barked like crazy, and ran right up to the doe. Even when I walked up to within a few feet, the doe would flatten out, but not get up and run. We have had a terrible bout of EHD (Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease) this fall, with a large percentage of the deer in our valley dying from this horrible virus, and I suspect this young doe is succumbing to this disease.

The Seek Reveal CompactPro attaches to your smart phone, and uses an app to give you all the thermal functions you need.
Photo: Seek

A few hours ago, while it was still light out, I went to check on the doe, and she had moved to the creek, laying in the water. Deer lay in the water to lower their body temperatures. After the sun went down, I wanted to just check and see if she was still there, but I really did not want to disturb her, so I used my Seek Thermal Reveal CompactPro camera.

A deer I spotted by our pond, the thermal imaging makes for a beautiful picture. Photo: Diane Hassinger

You can’t see the doe well, since she is laying in the creek, but the arrow points her out.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

This tiny thermal camera attaches to your smart phone, allowing your phone to become a full function thermal camera. Right now the apps are available for Android or iPhone, with many different models of phones in these brands. There are many settings on the app that allow you to set and lock a temperature range, pick your color palette, 2 formats that will utilize your phones capabilities. The focusable lens allows you to

The thermal capabilities make finding wayward horses easy at night!
Photo: Diane Hassinger

see and focus anywhere from 6 inches to 1,800 feet for the sharpest picture. The unit is about half the size of a pack of gum, and when attached to your phone, you don’t even notice the additional weight or length. Being as the unit enables your phone to be a thermal camera, you can use it day or night, in all types of weather. You have a 32° of view with the camera using a 320X240 thermal sensor. While the unit will work down to -40f, I hope to never need to be outside in that kind of cold! The camera comes with a waterproof case that is small enough to attach to your keychain with the snap ring that is included. You can take your thermal camera everywhere with you!

Using the CompactPro camera on my phone, I scanned the bank where the deer had been bedded down, and I was able to spot her in the same spot, still laying in the creek. I was able to watch her for several minutes, and she appeared to be eating, so I am going to be optimistic, and hope she can overcome this disease.

For more information and ordering info on these amazing little thermal cameras, go to The MSRP is $499. How will you use your Seek CompactPro?

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