Buck Folding Hunter Knife ~ Diane Hassinger

The Buck model 110 folding knife is proudly made in the USA.
Photo: Buck Knives

My first knife as a child was a Buck knife! I can remember feeling so “adult” that my parents trusted me with my very own pocket knife. I used it for everything; cutting bales of hay, opening feed sacks, cutting limbs for cooking marshmallows and hot dogs over fires and so much more. When I actually became an adult, I continued to use that knife daily, and it is still with me today. Imagine my honor of being able to carry on the tradition and give my children, and now my grandson his first Buck knife and watching the cycle repeat itself.

With the tips for keeping your knife blade sharp (https://www.buckknives.com/about-knives/knife-sharpening/) cutting things like bailing twine is no problem.
Photo: Ryan Brandon

Ryan got his first Buck knife at age six, and it started him on a love of knives. He always has one either in his pocket or attached to his belt. When I gave him the Buck model 110 Folding Hunter knife, it quickly became his favorite.

According to Ryan, “The Buck 110 Folding Hunter is an awesome knife. The first Buck model 110 was made in 1964 and they still make them today. The knife has a very nice looking finish, the sheath has a good quality snap to keep the knife secure.  The wood handle is the perfect size for anyone’s hands. The blade has kept a nice edge even after a month of chores every day. I have not had to sharpen the knife since I got it. The blade also has a great looking USA engraving.”

With a little care (https://www.buckknives.com/about-knives/knife-care/) your Buck knife model 110 should last your lifetime!
Photo: Ryan Brandon

The Folding Hunter knife, model 110, has been in production for over 50 years. With lasting power like that, it is easy to see why the knife is still one of the best selling knives in the USA. The length is 4 7/8″ while closed, and opens to roughly 8′. The .12 blade thickness is made of 420HC Steel, and has a hardness on the Rockwell scale of Rc 58. The handle is made using Dymondwood, and fits perfectly into my hand. A

I enjoy the fact that I have had my knife since the late 1960’s, and Ryan could very well have this knife into the 2060’s! The tradition will continue on! The model 110 has a MSRP of $82.00 and can be purchased at https://www.buckknives.com/product/110-folding-hunter-knife/0110FAM01/. Start your own family tradition today! This knife can be engraved for an additional fee of $7.00 for 2 lines of text. Every Buck Knife comes with a Forever Warranty, which covers defects in material and workmanship for the life of the knife.

When you visit the Buck Knives website, be sure to check out their instructions on knife care (https://www.buckknives.com/about-knives/knife-care/) and sharpening (https://www.buckknives.com/about-knives/knife-sharpening/) . There is a wealth of information on these pages!

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