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The Gear Aid ARC LED Light & Power Station features 60 LEDs.
Photo: Gear Aid

When I got the Gear Aid ARC Light & Power Station and RAM Magnetic Light Mount, I was so excited because I just knew this would be life changing when doing quad trips or when out hunting. Little did I realize that this light would come in handy in SO MANY other ways! During a true emergency this light proved it’s weight in gold!

After a bout of severe weather, our home was left without power for several days. As luck would have it, I had failed to charge any of my electronics, including flashlights. As I was looking for options, I opened the box the with ARC in it, and luckily it was fully charged, probably the only thing in the entire house that was! With a tornado bearing down on us, I headed for the root cellar, taking the ARC, with the RAM Magnetic Light Mount attached, with me. While our root cellar is beautiful and built to keep

The Gear Aid RAM Magnetic Light Mount holds tight to any ferrous metal surface.
Photo: Gear Aid

canned goods and crops during the winter, it lacks any creature comforts, having light in there was a blessing.I was able to magnetically attach the light to shelf supports, and direct the light where I needed it.

After the storm passed, between the light and the charging port on the back, I was able to get on with life while I waited for the electricity to come back on. With the magnetic base for the ARC, I kept it attached to the side of the refrigerator so I could focus the beam where I needed it. Ironically I used the USB recharging port to charge another light. Since that time, I have used this light, as expected, while out on our quad at night to help illuminate obstacles on the trail for removal, and magnetically attached to the rack of our quad to light up the area where we were pulling a last season deer out of the woods. We have also used the light to illuminate the engine of a truck we were working on, and in our camper. This

The Gear Aid ARC on my refrigerator. I recreated the shot, because taken at night, the light is to bright to really see anything else!
Photo: Diane Hassinger

The ARC Light & Power Station has60 LED’s, can be charged from a USB port, and features a 10,400 mAh Li-ion battery that powers you for up to 4 days. You can change the lighting from cool to neutral or warm; 20-320 lumens, with 8 to 96 hours of operation. With the 1.5 amp USB charging port in the back, you can easily charge your phones, tablets and even other lights! Using the magnetic base accessory , you can attach the light to any metal surface from refrigerators to quad racks, without the base, the light can easily be carried in your hand. Weighing around 1 pound, and measuring 4.9”x 4.5″ x 1.6″, this light can be taken most anywhere!

Dinner by ARC light!
Photo: Diane Hassinger

The RAM Magnetic Light Mount is made from 3 rare earth magnets, and provide maximum holding power to attach your ARC to any ferrous metal surface. There is an easy to use ball and socket system that allows you to adjust the angle of your light to exactly where you need it to be!

The MSRP of the ARC Light & Power Station is $99.95 and the RAM Magnetic Light Mount is $44.95. You can buy these products and more at and

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