The MR450 Repeller By ThermaCell

In Alabama, hunting with ThermaCells is a must!
Photo provided by Jeanne Peebles

Most of us that spend our time in the outdoors know how important mosquito control can be especially when hunting, whether it be turkey season or deer season. I started out with the very first ThermaCell that came available. It quickly became an essential piece of my hunting gear. Now I have been given the opportunity to carry the new model. The MR450 Repeller by ThermaCell is a definite upgrade from the older version. The new design seemed to warm up faster, but did not run as hot as my older version. That is because ThermaCell has redesigned the grill to allow maximum airflow through the device. The new “Repeller” still provides the 15’X 15’ “Zone of Protection” and comes in a great rugged look. The ignitor is a great deal quieter than the older model and the clip on the back allows me to attach it to my pants pocket. Some of my hunting friends use the new Repeller and here is what they had to say:

Spring turkey hunting in the south means mosquitoes! ThermaCell means no mosqitoes! Photo provided by Jennifer Metzker


  • “ThermaCell is with me anytime I am in the woods or working outside…….it allows me to concentrate on my hunting and not be bothered by pesky mosquitoes!!” – Jeanne Peeebles
  • “ThermaCell goes on every hunt and protects me from mosquitoes and black gnats without spooking or alerting game—it is a flawless, effective system for insect repellent” – Nancy Jo Adams
  • “I NEVER hunt bear without my ThermaCell! In Northern Saskatchewan the mosquitoes are horrible, and I don’t even notice them with my ThermaCell running. I love the new 12 hour pads, I can usually make it through an entire day without changing them.” – Diane Hassinger
  • “A lot of our deer hunting is done in swamps. The mosquitoes could drive you nuts, but not when using the ThermaCell. I have never had a deer alert to the ThermaCell.
  • “We use the ThermaCell while camping, fishing or hunting, really just about any outdoor activity. The mosquitoes disappear when the unit comes up to temperature, just stay inside the 15′ X 15′ zone of protection!” – Leann Blasko

Turkey Hunting in Florida, is a great use of your ThermaCell. Photo provided by Nancy Jo Adams

More information and buying info on the MR450 can be found at The MSRP of the MR450 is $34.99 and can be purchased online or at most retail sporting goods stores.

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