Lines, Tines, & Southern Pines by Corey W.Jenkins

Photo by Nikita Dalke

When it comes to books, I am a hard person to buy for; that includes buying a book for myself. I usually judge a book on its cover, title, and the detailed blurb on the back; that doesn’t always mean I will read it though! If it doesn’t capture my interest within the first chapter, I put the book down and it collects dust on the shelf.


Corey and I follow each other on Twitter, and one day he messaged me asking if i would be interested in reading his book. I was trying to decide on a new book to try out and gladly accepted the generous offer. When I received the book I was surprised by the quality; it is a hard cover with beautiful, thick paper and colored photos. It was a much better quality book than any book I have in my collection!


I started reading it and instantly fell in love with his stories. They made me reflect back on my own stories growing up and raising the kids. The way he tells them makes you feel like you’re right there in his memories. I laughed, I cried, and I felt the pride he did in each of his stories. The book is certainly about his adventures in the outdoors, but there is so much more to each story; it’s about family and friendship. It gives you the true essence of what the outdoors is all about.


Corey’s book comes in hardback with color photos, paperback, as well as an e-book. It is available through, and the price depends on the type of book you would like. Kindle edition is $2.95, paperback is $13.99 and hardcover is $24.99. You can learn more about Corey on his website at


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