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The Nexbelt Apollo Brass buckle with the walnut belt.
Photo: Nexbelt

Two years ago, when I first heard mention of a belt with no holes, I was skeptical at best. I was envisioning the nylon strap scout belts that eventually just slide apart when they get worn. Instead I was presented with an innovative belt that was classy and dressy, and by way of the precise fit band, I can adjust the belt to the most comfortable point, and not have to go to the next hole. The Nexbelt is adjustable to the quarter inch, rather than the 1″ apart holes on a regular belt.

The Nexbelt belts range in width from 1″ to 1 7/16″, and lengths up to 45″. There are only 3 simple steps to get your Nexbelt to fit perfectly;

  1. On the back of the Nexbelt, you will find increments up to 40″ for women, and 45″ for men, find the size of your pants, and add 3″ to it. You can go a bit longer, and trim down if necessary.
  2. Using household scissors, cut at the appropriate line.
  3. Insert the cut edge into the buckle, and shut the clasp.

That’s it! You now would have the perfect length belt, now I will talk you through getting the perfect fit! Thread the belt through the buckle, and you will hear clicks when you are getting to the precise fit. Each click takes you approximately 1/4″ closer to the most comfortable fit. No more having to suck in your gut to get to the next hole, or having your pants tend to slip down when you have settled for a larger hole. Now one word of advice; PRACTICE unfastening your belt. That may sound silly, and even to me it still does, but do it! There is a small lever that unlatches your belt, but the first couple of times you need to open your belt, you will have to think about it. Don’t get caught in the restroom needing your belt open quickly and fumbling the job-if you know what I mean!

You can see the red insert that allows you to adjust the belt to your size perfectly. Notice the small piece of belt in the front, that is how much I have been able to cut off since the 1st of the year!
Photo: Diane Hassinger

Now an added bonus. You know how when you are dieting and you get to advance to a small size hole, remember how happy that makes you feel? Well with the Nexbelt, not only do you get to make the belt smaller, but you get the pleasure of cutting off the excess belt strap! The first time I got to cut a couple of inches off of my belt, I did a happy dance! I add the date that I cut the belt to the cut edge, with permanent marker. That way I can see exactly how many inches I have lost dieting.

The Nexbelt comes in many belt colors and materials, and many types of buckles. The Apollo Brass Walnut Belt has a MSRP of $49.99. With a couple of different belts and buckles, you could find the exact configuration you want for most outfits. Find more information and ordering information at

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