Swhacker 3-Blade Broadheads ~ Diane Hassinger

The Swhacker 3 blade broadhead with 1 1/2″ cutting diameter after penetration.
Photo: Swhacker

Swhacker’s have been my mechanical broadhead of choice for many years now. I have harvested deer, bear, turkeys and hogs with them and I have complete faith in their ability to make a lethal shot on any animal I hunt. Generally any animal I have shot with Swhackers fall within just several yards of where I have shot them. Occasionally I need to track for a short distance, but even then the trail is bright red and easy to follow.

The 3 blade, 100 grain, 1 1/2″ cut broadhead is no different. This year I have harvested both deer and bear using these broadheads. The deer only went 20 yards or less, while the bear was an awkward angle and went about 100 yards. Both times the trail looked as if someone had pouring blood out of an oil can. Measuring a mere .875″ in flight, these broadheads truly fly like a field tip, yet they open up to 1 1/2″ after penetrating the animal. The blade is 032″ thick stainless steel that has been honed to a razor sharp edge. The point of the broadhead is high carbon steel that has been hardened, while the ferrule is made of anodized aircraft aluminum.

This doe only went less than 20 yards after she was “Swhacked”. Good meat in the freezer, and a quick demise.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

My deer hunt was almost perfect! I had a doe come in, I let her browse around, and when she presented a perfect quartering away shot, I released my arrow and watched her fall not 20 yards from where I had shot her, the 3 blade Swhackers had done their job! I texted my guide, but the evening was chilly, and I still had time left. I told them to wait to pick her up until dark. It was not as if we were going to have to look for her. Just before dark I had a huge buck come to the edge of the woods. I needed him to just move slightly to be able to take the shot, but he didn’t. And that is why my deer hunt was only ALMOST perfect. During this hunt, I converted one of the other hunters to come over to the Swhacker side. When I had let her try my broadheads, I told her they fly like field tips. She shot both a field tip and a Swhacker, and keyholed the shots! She used the Swhackers for the rest of the hunt, and took a big doe for her efforts.

This boar bear was harvested with the Swhacker 3 blade broadhead.
Photo: Diane Hassinger

My bear hunt with the 3 blade Swhackers was one of the shortest in my bear hunting history. I had arrived at the bear camp the afternoon prior to my hunt actually starting. When the guide showed up a little later, he asked if I wanted to hunt early! That’s an easy question for me to answer: OF COURSE! So within an hour I was walking into my stand for the evening. I took my time, and was able to see 3 yearling bears on my way in. I was pumped up for this hunt! Within minutes I had 9 bear within sight, and they all remained there for the next hour. At this point I had 2 boars come in, both I judged about 300 pounds. I was out of bear meat at home, and either of these would be perfect. One of them came right up to stand, and even started up the steps, only 1 or 2 steps. At that point I decided if he presented a shot opportunity, I would take it. He backed down the steps and turned, and at that point I released my arrow and Swhacker broadhead. He was only at 4 yards, and at a hard angle. I heard the “SWHACK” and knew I had a dead bear. I texted the guide, it had only been 1 hour after I had gotten in the stand. The coolest thing about this hunt was that all 9 bear who had hung out for the last hour, stayed! As the guide pulled up the bear reluctantly moved off, but not far. I showed them where I had shot the bear (at the base of the steps), and where the blood trail went into the woods. We followed for about 100 yards and found my bruin within minutes. We had to call for extra help though, to get him out of the woods. He weighed 368 pounds, and the Swhacker opened up a tremendous hole. And like they say “Opens so fast…you can hear the Swhack!”¹

The MSRP of the Swhacker 3-Blade 100-Grain, 1.50″ Cut Broadhead Set is $36.95 and can be purchased at http://www.swhacker.com/product/swhacker-3-blade-100-grain-150-inch-cut-broad.  I will be adding more Swhackers, for everything I hunt!

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¹ Swhacker.com


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