Carnivore Ultra-Lightweight Arrows by Black Eagle Arrows ~ Nikita Dalke


I love archery, and I love being able to test new gear. Im sure most have heard of Black Eagle Arrows by now. They are a fast growing arrow company that has made a very good name for themselves. I had the pleasure of testing their Lightweight Carnivore carbon arrows designed for 30-50 pound shooters. I have a Bowtech Heartbreaker with a 24 inch draw with it maxed at 50 pounds for draw weight. I was a little hesitant on trying the lightweight ones due to my draw being at the max draw weight restriction for the arrows. I was assured they would be fine. I received my full dozen arrows already fletched with the blazer vanes, something I would have to get used to as I always shot 4 inch vanes, just before we left for Spain and unfortunately just shortly after I shot my whitetail buck. I only had a week to get my arrows switched over and to double check my sight to make sure everything was on for Spain. They flew slightly faster then my old arrows which was nice, with my short draw length I take what I can get. I was happy to see that not one of the 12 had a wobble or flew funny.


Nikita shooting her Carnivore arrows in preparation of her Spain hunting trip. Photo: Nikita Dalke

The people that load the luggage at the airports were not gentle with our bow cases, when we got to Spain I had one busted arrow. I was happy to see it broke clean without splinters, as I have been taught the cleaner they break the better the arrow. I did a lot of shooting in Spain, since almost everyone we were hunting with were bowhunters and there was no shortage of targets. I was really happy with how they flew, even out to 50 yards they flew flawlessly.

I have been really happy with the Black Eagle Arrows and they have become my new favorite arrow. I would recommend for anyone to try out one of the many types of arrows they have available.


Black Eagle Carnivore Arrows, Photo: Nikita Dalke

The Carnivore Ultra-lightweight arrows come in .003″ and .001″ for straightness and 32″ shaft length. They are a 30/50 arrow and a perfect all purpose arrow for hunting and 3D. The inner diameter is .2445″ and outer is .281″ with a GPI of 5.9. Black Eagle Arrows guarantees the specified straightness or straighter, and instead of only measuring a 28″ section of shaft they measure the full length of it. They also weigh and group all shafts to ensure  the perfect match and they employ grouped together technology to spine match each dozen arrows. Doing this ensures precise consistency.

The Carnivore Ultra-lightweight arrows MSRP starts at $57.99 for half a dozen fletched arrows (.003 straightness) and the price goes up from there. Go to to purchase.


Practice makes perfect, especially when you are changing your arrows, or prepping for an upcoming hunt. Photo: Nikita Dalke

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