RedHead Liner Gloves by JoAnn Herbert

The hunting season usually involves different combinations of weather; from 80 degrees on opening day to below freezing in the dead of winter.  I found out very quickly that hunting required a bit larger wardrobe than just a pair of … Continue reading

Carnivore Ultra-Lightweight Arrows by Black Eagle Arrows ~ Nikita Dalke

I love archery, and I love being able to test new gear. Im sure most have heard of Black Eagle Arrows by now. They are a fast growing arrow company that has made a very good name for themselves. I … Continue reading

Caldwell Lead Sled Plus ~ Jennifer Metzker

Thankfully, hunting season is just around the corner for us. In preparation, we always make sure that our rifles are shooting accurately. Sighting in a rifle can be a difficult task without the proper set up. Holding the rifle in … Continue reading