People’s Choice Beef Jerky ~ Diane Hassinger

It is summer, and my homemade jerky has been gone for a long time! Hunting season doesn’t open for another 2 months, so what do I do? I opt to continue eating jerky made with the same type of commitment … Continue reading

M22 TCM BA by Rock Island Armory ~ Leann Blasko

When I hear .22, I think of the first gun I learned to shoot, and the one my grandma always had on hand for those unforeseen circumstances. However, I must say the .22 TCM is not your grandma’s .22! The … Continue reading

AMS Bowfishing Eradicator “E-Rad” Bow ~Ariel Druschel

As I am standing on a raised platform in the middle of a bay, glassing through polarized sunglasses to the waters below me, searching for stingrays cruising around on our pontoon boat, I was quickly greeted with a brown flash … Continue reading

Maven Fly, Clothing for Women who Fish~ Diane Hassinger

I spend a lot of my time fishing during the warmer months, or bowfishing when I can. I am always looking for clothes that have enough give to the fit to be able to move while casting or pulling the … Continue reading

BoneView Trail Camera Viewer by JoAnn Herbert

I have a love/hate relationship with trail cameras and all the accompanying equipment that goes with them.  They are a fantastic tool to see a glimpse of time into a certain area and its inhabitants.  There is a lot leg … Continue reading

Cobra Floating Walkie Talkies ~ Diane Hassinger

When we are kayaking or boating, I always worry about my cell phone getting wet. Even though I have a “waterproof” case, I have had these fail, and I am then in the market for a new cell phone. Now … Continue reading