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When a photo on my Facebook feed popped up with a beautiful picture of antlers elegantly hanging off a wall, I immediately had to check out the page. My first thought was what a brilliant idea! Then I looked around my house at the antlers that are on my tables and walls and realized it made the house feel slightly crowded and busy.

When I contacted Tine Tower, I was really happy with how quickly they responded to me and how friendly they were. I was a little worried about how long the shipping would take being in Canada. They sent it out on a Thursday, and I had it Tuesday morning. Needless to say, I was very impressed! Usually when I get things from the States, it takes anywhere from two to six weeks.


My first thought after I ripped open the box was how beautiful the tower itself was. They definitely worked hard on making it elegant and eye-catching. The tower itself is professionally powder coated in a copper vein, making it suitable for indoors and outdoors. The ties are thick leather straps, easy to get on the tower and easy to secure the antlers. Mounting it is simple; it comes with two screws, and you just need to make sure you secure them to a stud. It is recommended to install them vertically.  As we all know, antlers can be heavy and with multiple antlers on the tower it can become very heavy, so it’s important to follow the mounting instructions so it doesn’t fall and injure someone or damage the wall.


Our house is very old (1800’s) and nothing in it is straight or level. We recently renovated our upstairs into our bedroom, so we knew we would have proper studs and everything in the walls. Our ceiling is also shaped like a barn, so the highest point is just over my husband’s head standing at 6’2″. Most of the walls are under or around five feet high. So we decided to hang it with the angle of the ceiling. It’s in a safe spot so it can’t fall on anyone.


The Tine Tower comes in a 32″ which can hold up to 12 antlers and a 48″ which can hold up to 18. It is recommended to start from the bottom and work your way up the tower with antlers. They are also made in the USA.

You can purchase the tine tower at www.tinetower.com, and the MSRP for the 32″ is $99 and $109 for the 48″.

Photo by Tine Tower

Photo by Tine Tower

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