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imageThere are numerous handgun holsters available of various styles, but very few are designed to wear with athletic leggings or elastic waist workout clothes. Typically, a person would not conceal carry in a gym but walking, jogging or running in the busy city or in rural areas require an extra safety factor.

I am limited to time because of a long commute, working full-time, and my freelance obligations. I work in the city with an office located in an area of moderate crime. If I get the opportunity to walk or run during the day, it is often by myself.  When I first decided to chance a jog outdoors during my lunch break, I was left with the dilemma of not being able to carry my holstered conceal carry handgun in combination with the drawstring waist leggings that I wear to run in.

This led me to do some research online and seeking out a plausible solution to a conceal carry holster that could be worn around my waist that could support not only the weight of my loaded pistol but would also hold my pistol in place as my body was going through the motions of walking or running. My search yielded several options of waist and hip band style holsters. Some were dainty and made of lace made more for daily conceal carry. Some were small bands worn above the waist. There were even holsters that hung from your bra, which I knew was not going to work for my body type.

I found the Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger and Sports Band during my search and immediately felt these products were promising for my particular use.  I decided that, between the two products of similar style, the Hip Hugger would be the product to serve me best.

Compression fit conceals well. Photo Credit: Life in Camo

Compression fit conceals well. Photo Credit: Life in Camo

The Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger Holster is very versatile and comes in three sizes: the micro for firearms up to 4.5″, the classic for firearms up to 6.5″ and SheBang for firearms over 6.5″; I chose the classic design. The classic measures five inches in height and is made of military-grade elastic with an adjustable three-row metal Hook & Eye closure. To prevent slipping, a silicone non-slip Tacti-grip strip runs the entire length at the top and bottom of the breathable material. The Hip Hugger can accommodate up to four compact semi-automatics or revolvers along with three magazines. The compression fit helps conceal handguns and is surprisingly very comfortable and secure.

Hip Hugger with S&W M&P Shield and iPhone. Versatile to you preferred draw. Photo Credit: Life in Camo

Hip Hugger with S&W M&P Shield and iPhone. Versatile to your preferred draw. Photo Credit: Life in Camo

The holster pockets are positioned to avoid finger-on-trigger draw, designed for right or left-hand draw, and versatile of appendix or kidney carry if only holstering one handgun. The front pockets incorporate a strong earth magnet to secure a handgun while sitting or bending. The convenient magazine pockets are lined to prevent scratching and make a great pocket for smart phones or other items for hands-free wearing. I not only use the Hip Hugger Holster for my runs, I also wear it with casual street clothes.

The grip of the pistol should face your spine for kidney carry to ensure that the trigger finger stays clear of the trigger guard. Having a right shoulder issue, I physically cannot grip, unholster and draw my pistol from the center of my back and found that the Hip Hugger accommodated for this handicap (see photo at left). However, the company recommends pistol grip facing the spine for safety. I prefer kidney carry for running and appendix carry for daily wear and the Hip Hugger offers both options comfortably.

I was pleasantly surprised as to how breathable the Hip Hugger is and how it stayed in place no matter how much I twisted, turned, bent over, and/or sat down. It was so comfortable that after walking out the door, I never realized I had it on.

The Hip Hugger is available in S-XL and offers the choice of hot pink, black, gun-metal gray or purple accent embroidery on black or tan, pomegranate or kiwi accent embroidery on tan. The MSRP for this product is $79. You can find this product, as well as the other great products that Can Can Concealment has available for conceal carry at

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