Tine Tower ~ Nikita Dalke

When a photo on my Facebook feed popped up with a beautiful picture of antlers elegantly hanging off a wall, I immediately had to check out the page. My first thought was what a brilliant idea! Then I looked around … Continue reading

Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger Holster ~ Nancy Jo Adams

There are numerous handgun holsters available of various styles, but very few are designed to wear with athletic leggings or elastic waist workout clothes. Typically, a person would not conceal carry in a gym but walking, jogging or running in … Continue reading

Buck Bantam Series Knives in Muddy Girl Camo ~ Diane Hassinger

The first knife my parent’s bought me as a child was a Buck. When my children were young, I purchased them their first Buck knife, and again when my grandchildren were ready for their first knives. I hope to live … Continue reading

Original Concealment Leggings by UnderTech UnderCover ~ Leann Blasko

Everywhere you look right now you see leggings, they are advertised as buttery soft, shape forming, and even as the perfect accessory. How many of these can boast the ability to conceal a firearm? One of my biggest complaints with … Continue reading