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03-18-16-10-10-14_WA+JPEGFor anyone who is in the world of fitness, they know that supplements can be a great contributing factor to their health and to their workouts. I’ve been heavy into fitness for six years now; five years of weight training and now coming up, a year in Crossfit. For me, I’m very picky with my supplements; If the taste is off, I won’t take it or if it gives me the jitters, it’s going back. I’m always on the look out for new things to try, so I was excited when new supplement companies were popping up that supported the hunting industry. I read up on two companies and compared ingredients in their products. Afterwards, I had my decision which I wanted to try out, and as luck would have it, Wilderness Athlete had a booth set up at Sheep Show in Reno this past January. It was great being able to talk with the founder of Wilderness Athlete,  Mark Paulsen and actually learn about the products from him. I even got to sample their Hydrate & Recover and their Energy & Focus. The taste was very good and helped me get through the long busy weekend.

I ordered the Train Harder Recover Faster package, which entailed their Protein +, Meal Replacement & Recovery shake, a tub of Hydrate & Recover, a tub of Energy & Focus, Nighttime Optimizer, and Pre-workout.  They have multiple packages you can choose from including their popular 28 day challenge pack, if you are looking to lose weight. You can also buy the items separately. I was really impressed with how fast the shipping was as well. It only took three business days to receive the package to my shipping outlet in Montana and seven business days to ship it to my home in BC. Kevin was great to deal with, he was quick to respond and very helpful. I also received a free gift which was a hat and shaker cup with my order.

The Train Harder, Recover Faster package from Wilderness Athlete

The Train Harder, Recover Faster package from Wilderness Athlete

I am an active individual, and I really enjoy working out. I attend Crossfit as my main source of training. I go at 9a.m. Monday through Friday for a full hour, year round, and I have never found a breakfast that suited me beforehand. If I ate certain things like eggs or oatmeal I would get sick to my stomach; if I ate nothing at all, I would black out. I ended up eating small amounts of cereal or toast. Not the best choice. Other than that, I ate pretty healthy, but I really wanted a shake that I could have while running around getting the kids ready for school and that could keep me going through my workout. Lots that I looked into were either full of some sort of processed sugar or cost a fortune for a small amount. This was my driving force for picking Wilderness Athlete and picking the package I did; it had everything I needed for my workouts.

My schedule for taking the supplements were:

8a.m.- Protein+ shake

8:15- Pre-workout and Energy & Focus

8:35- Drop off kids at school

9:00- 1 hour of Crossfit

10:00- Take Hydrate & Recover right away

10:20- Meal Replacement shake (when I got home)

11:30/12- Lunch

I found this worked the best for me; I experimented with switching the shakes, and when I would take the Energy & Focus, even though I wasn’t trying to lose weight, I did. I went from 124 lbs down to 119.5 lbs, and I never lost any strength. In fact, I found that my strength increased.

Photo by Nikita Dalke

Photo by Nikita Dalke


I got the protein powder in the chocolate flavor.  It has a very nice chocolate taste to it, not too rich and has a thick, smooth texture to it. It mixed really easy in just a shaker cup with water. The tub has thirty servings; that’s taking one scoop as a serving size. It lasted me a month when taking it 5 to 6 days a week. I even used it to make my protein pancakes, and it worked really well. It comes in chocolate or vanilla flavors. This is a high quality protein ( 20g ) blend, with low carbohydrate and extremely low-fat that is highly digestible. It is also fortified with free BCAAs or Branched Chain Amino Acids, as well as vitamins and minerals needed for proper protein metabolism and muscle performance.  It is gluten-free as well.

Meal Replacement & Recovery shake

I’ve never been a fan of the flavor strawberry, but the chocolate was out of stock so that is what I chose.  It took a day, but I actually ended up really enjoying the strawberry taste.  Again the shake was thick and smooth but easy to mix. The tub provided fifteen servings ( what it says on the tub), but it lasted me a month taking one scoop every day, 5 to 6 days a week. I took it as a recovery shake after Crossfit and once in a while as breakfast on my rest days. It is available in Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla. It is a nutritionally complete shake with protein, fiber, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and complex carbohydrates. It is also gluten-free.

Energy & Focus

I got the mango flavor and my husband got the cherry lime; both taste very good. They mix really easy with a shaker cup or even with just a spoon. They are not too sweet. It was like drinking a glass of juice. It definitely helped give me a boost with my energy, but not a “hello! I’m ready to run a marathon” type energy more of a consistent natural feeling energy and helped me focus when my brain was feeling foggy. This is the perfect replacement for those unhealthy energy drinks. There are no simple sugars which results in that crash after your energy rush. It is all natural ingredients and has no stimulants, so there is no jitters or racing heartbeat. It comes in three flavors: mango bango, cherry lime, and tropical fusion. All are gluten-free also.

Hydrate & Recover

I got the berry blast, and it is like drinking Kool-Aid,  just much healthier.  It’s not too sweet and is easy to mix like the Energy & Focus. It is the perfect drink for after a workout or during a good hike. It is filled with electrolytes, BCAAs and Vitamin C to help you re-hydrate and to help your body recover quicker. It comes in berry blast, lemon lime, and strawberry granada flavor. Gluten free!

Now that I am out of both protein powders, I can definitely feel a difference after my workouts. I’m a little more tired and a little more stiff. Back to how I was before starting the wilderness athlete, but after a month of being on them I can actually feel the difference, where as before that’s just how I always was. These products aren’t just for athletes or the hard-core gym goer, everyone can benefit in some way from the range of products that Wilderness Athlete offers. From vitamins to joint support, hydration to energy, from greens to weight loss aids, they have it all. I will be definitely ordering some more!

You can order items and see the full list of supplements on their website www.wildernessathlete.com.

Products range from $14.95-$39.95 and packages start at $39.95. The Train Harder, Recover Faster package MSRP is $149.95

Photo credit: Stock photos from Wilderness Athlete

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