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Photo by Nikita Dalke

Get organized with the Rifle Caddy. Photo by Nikita Dalke

The rifle caddy is quite the handy tool! It straps to your center console in the front seat between the passenger and driver and is designed to hold a multitude of things, and you still have full use of your console. Of course it can hold 2 rifles but the compartment Is deep enough that you can store things under your rifles. It also has 2 smaller compartments between the rifle holders for other items, like bullets, a wallet or knifes. The rifle compartments can also hold bows, depending on the length of your stabilizer. When attaching the rifle caddy you just lift the lid on your center console and use the straps that are included to strap it down. Make sure to do them up tight, if they are too loose the caddy will slide around. The rifle caddy has helped a lot with keeping my truck organized. I know longer need to stuff items in cup holders or leave


The Rifle Caddy can transport a multitude of items; rifles, shot guns,  bows, personal items. Photo: Nikita Dalke

things by my feet, and I have a better way to transport my rifle ( make sure to check your laws and regulations for transportation of guns). I’ve even found it handy in the off season. I like to keep my gloves in it, business cards, my wallet and other items I may need or use, but if I find I want the open space it’s easy to take off and put in the house without having to take everything out of it and it doesn’t do any damage to the console. You could also keep your hunting items in it then take it inside and store it with your hunting gear until next season and you won’t ever have to worry about items

Photo by Rifle Caddy

Photo by Rifle Caddy

getting misplaced.

The Rifle Caddy was tested to fit the following vehicles, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan, Jeep, and Suzuki. The dimensions are 13 inches long, 10 inches wide and 6 inches deep and it is made from thick plastic. It comes in 4 different colors: Universal black, Military Desert Tan, Camo Hunter and Hunter Green.

You can find the Rifle Caddy at www.riflecaddy.com but to order you need to contact Krista Berrigan – kberrigan@riflecaddy.com. The price of the Rifle Caddy is $34.95-$39.95 cdn depending on color.


The Rifle Caddy, ready to be installed into your vehicle. Photo: Rifle Caddy

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