Seth McGinn’s Can Cooker ~ Diane Hassinger

At the Archery Trade Association Trade Show, I sampled a recipe that was made in Seth McGinn’s Can Cooker. I was absolutely amazed at how good and how easy the cooker made the meal. We have since used the Can … Continue reading

Camp Chef Cast Iron Square Dutch Oven ~ Diane Hassinger

I love cooking outdoors, and Camp Chef and cast iron have been a big part of that. Recently, I found that Camp Chef had come out with a 13″ Cast Iron Square Dutch Oven, and I had to have it! … Continue reading

Buck Cage ~ Jeanne Peebles

As a hunter I am always looking for a product that is easy and convenient for me to take into the woods as well as giving me multiple uses in a product. The Buck Cage fit the criteria perfectly. The … Continue reading

60x Custom Strings ~ Nikita Dalke

Well after a few years with my compound bow and the original strings and cables, I decided it was time to put a new one on. So i jumped at the opportunity to test out some custom strings and cables … Continue reading

Yukon Gear Waylay for Women ~ Diane Hassinger

Yukon Gear is a large portion of my hunting clothes. For 2015 they have come out with many new styles for women, including the Waylay Outer layer Pants and the matching Women’s 1/4 Zip Base layer top. Paired together, you … Continue reading

Motorola Solutions T465 Weatherproof Talkabout Two-Way Radios ~ Diane Hassinger

I spend so much of my life outdoors and away from cell phone service that I need to trust my 2 way radios. Motorola Solutions makes sure that I can stay in touch even when I am out of touch! … Continue reading

Eva Shockey and Crosman Team Up on the Golden Eagle Pellet Gun ~ Diane Hassinger

I miss the days of plinking and hunting with the affordable .22. Only problem is ,22 ammo is not so affordable anymore. We used to shoot a brick or two of ammo during an afternoon of shooting. The Eva Shockey … Continue reading

UST FlexWare for Camping ~ Diane Hassinger

When camping, I am always looking for ways to save space without foregoing the items I need to have with us. The UST Blue Sky Gear line of FlexWare is the perfect solution to this problem. Their unique design makes … Continue reading

Aquamira-Safe Water For All Your Outdoors Activities ~ Diane Hassinger

Americans are worried about their drinking water. That is why over 50 billion bottles of water were consumed last year. When you look at the numbers, the plastic required to bottle that amount of water equates to more than 1 … Continue reading