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Back in April, I had the pleasure of introducing you to Drake’s Adventures: Spring Thunder just in time for spring turkey hunting. We loved this new idea of books on so many levels; the creator of the series has getting children involved and we love it!

Caleb was so intent on "reading" Drakes's Adventures Trick or Treat, he would find a quiet spot and read for hours! Photo: Leann Blasko

Caleb was so intent on “reading” Drake’s Adventures: Trick or Treat he would find a quiet spot and read for hours!
Photo: Leann Blasko

Keith Beam and Steve Karras have done it again! The newest book of the series Drakes Adventures: Trick or Treat has many of the same delights as the last one only this time they take you out for archery. Just like Spring Thunder, Trick or Treat is an audio book that reads the story to you or is an interactive story book you read to your children, or you can wear head phones and only one person can hear the story. While reading the story, there are prompts to press the sound buttons as well an option to have the entire story read to you. Some of the sounds found in book two are: a can call, horn rattling, grunt calls, and a buck snorting.

Don’t think for one second that only children can enjoy this series; the entire family can enjoy it. Your new readers are sure to follow along with the story and pick up new words. Your older readers can spend special time with younger pre-readers helping them follow along with the cues in the book.

Photo: http://drakesadventures.com/#about

Photo: http://drakesadventures.com/#about

On a recent fishing trip with the family, my son needed some quiet time and snuck off to sit in a tree and read his new favorite book. After he had some time with the book, he even enjoyed reading it to his sisters and the dog.

Be on the lookout for book three of the series, Cattail Point. These books would make wonderful gifts for any of the younger hunters in your family; however, your entire family is bound to enjoy them too!

The MSRP of this book is $24.99, and it can be purchased at http://drakesadventures.com/store and at Bass Pro shops across the nation soon. More information about the author and illustrator, as well as the books as they come available, can be found at http://drakesadventures.com/#about.

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