Dart Bags ~Mackenzie Walters

Ever get tired of shooting at the same old target? Ever get tired of shooting at dots or an outline of a deer? Want to have fun shooting your bow and get your family members involved? Dart Bags LLC has … Continue reading

McNett Pink Towels to Support Breast Cancer Research ~ Diane Hassinger

McNett Outgo, the makers of my favorite microfiber towels, have made a very special pink towel available, with a portion of all proceeds going towards breast cancer research! These towels are the same quality as you have come to expect … Continue reading

Jordan Lee Camo Kids by Bonnie Sportswear ~ Leann Blasko

“Mommy look at me, I look just like you,” with a huge smile on her face, my three-year-old daughter couldn’t be happier then when she got to wear her camo just like Mommy. Not only did Bonnie Sportswear make it … Continue reading

Drake’s Adventures: Trick or Treat ~ Leann Blasko

Back in April, I had the pleasure of introducing you to Drake’s Adventures: Spring Thunder just in time for spring turkey hunting. We loved this new idea of books on so many levels; the creator of the series has getting … Continue reading

YPOD Shooting Rest ~ Diane Hassinger

Do you lug out a lead weighted shooting sled each time you target shoot? How about shooting sticks that are 4-5 feet high? I used to, but now I can pop my YPod into my shooting bag, along with my … Continue reading

HSS Lifeline 2015 ~ Diane Hassinger

Did you know that 86% of tree stand accidents happen while getting in or out of the tree stand? If you had a way to minimize the risk, would you take it? I know I would! I am a long … Continue reading

Big John’s Ol’West BBQ & Dipping Sauce by James Valley Scents – JoAnn Herbert

It’s a tough job to try out a barbecue sauce, but I’m up for a challenge! I originally contacted James Valley Scents about their scent products, primarily deer lures. Then I found out about their barbecue sauce, and I thought … Continue reading

Casting for Recovery ~ Diane Hassinger

Casting for Recovery is a very unique program designed to “enhance the quality of life of women with breast cancer through a unique program that combines breast cancer education and peer support with the therapeutic sport of fly fishing.” They offer … Continue reading