Hartcraft Scooptail Deep Cut Broadheads- Nikita Dalke

Broadheads are always a big topic of discussion for bowhunters; with all the different brands and styles how does one choose? Personally, I prefer something that is solid and will cut on contact. I had the pleasure of field testing … Continue reading

Falcon Strike Recoil Pad- Nikita Dalke

Falcon Strike is a Canadian company based out of Ontario that makes hydraulic recoil pads. The hydraulic system is a highly perfected Energy Conversion System Hydraulic damper which converts 94% of the recoil energy into heat, meaning you get 35% … Continue reading

Olympia SB5500 Solar Charger ~ Diane Hassinger

I put my hunting and camping equipment to use anyway I can. In the case of solar chargers, I don’t put them away, I use them year round. The Olympia SB5500 Solar Charger has made life easier many times. Shortly … Continue reading

Modern Spartan Systems ~ Diane Hassinger

I recently bought a used Savage Model 110 rifle, that had not been used gently. I am not sure the previous owners even understood how, or why, to clean the rifle, but the price was right. I decided to recondition … Continue reading