MEC-GAR magazines ~ Leann Blasko

When you carry your pistol you should be proficient with it; how often do you go to the range and practice? When you go to the range do you have extra magazines so you are not reloading constantly while shooting? … Continue reading

Women’s Concealment Tank Top by UnderTech ~ Leann Blasko

Purses, holsters, shirts, jackets, tank tops, all of the above are used as concealed carry clothing. Where do you begin at choosing what works for you? I have used a little of everything and have a few I like more … Continue reading

Ghost Strike by Gerber Gear ~ Leann Blasko

Do you have a favorite brand of knife? When you hear high-quality knife what comes to mind? When I think of quality knives, I think of Gerber. Gerber has been known for its quality knives since 1939. My first utility … Continue reading

NAA Sidewinder ~Diane Hassinger

I have concealed carried for the past 5 years. I have gone from just having my Pennsylvania CCP, to being licensed in many of our states. My choice of weapon since day one has been a North American Arms Mini. … Continue reading

2nd Amendment Media ~ Leann Blasko

“While firearms have their risks, detractors fail to realize that owning and carrying a handgun is a preventative measure, much like a fire extinguisher kept under the sink or in the trunk of a car.” Armed & Smart: A Beginner’s … Continue reading

Dene Adams SLIM Concealed Carry Corset- Ariel McCracken

When it comes to concealed carrying, there are numerous methods for wearing and carrying your firearms. If you are licensed to conceal carry, you are probably very familiar with the countless options of concealed carrying; whether it be inside-the-waistband, outside-the-waistband, … Continue reading