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WinchesterMasterLogoBlackA planned trip to Southern Alabama, where I would meet up with fellow Ladies in Camo staff, in pursuit of feral hogs was all the reason I needed to seek out new ammunition that would meet the demands. Not only was I looking for a cartridge specifically designed to pierce through the notorious thick hide and flesh of the hogs, but I was also looking for a handgun cartridge.wins44mwb-1 I was flying to my destination, and ultimately I wanted to condense my luggage. I was up for the challenge of hunting hogs with the same centerfire handgun I use to harvest whitetail deer.


The Winchester Razor Back XT ammunition in .44 REM MAG. Photo: Kim Hessing

The search for my ammo was a short one. As a longtime user of Winchester ammo, I was already aware of the specialized hog hunting cartridge manufactured by Winchester. After a brief search on Winchester’s user friendly website, I placed my order. My choice of ammo was the 44 Remington Mag. (225gr.) Razorback XT.

As a result of the ever-expanding population of feral hogs and the growing popularity of hunting them, Winchester announced in a January 2012 news & press release the launch of “the world’s first specialized cartridge specifically designed for wild hog hunting”. New for 2012 was the Winchester Razorback XT, produced in the popular .223 REM and .308 WIN rifle calibers. Winchester went on to expand their Razorback XT line, and in their 2013 product catalog they introduced the 30-06 SPRG, 270 WIN and the 7.62x39mm centerfire rifle calibers, a 44 MAG centerfire handgun round, and two 12 Gauge shotshell rounds. In 2014, the Razorback XT ammo became razor-boar-xt_logo_aknown as the Razor Boar XT.  According to a Winchester representative, “the rounds are the exact same. The name was changed to be more end use specific.”S44MWB_RazorbackXT_Loaded_Round_Cutaway_thumbnail

Winchester’s big bore handgun round, the 44 Remington Mag. Razorback XT was engineered using a one-piece hollow point bullet with a six-position beveled profile for delayed expansion, weight retention, and deep penetration. The Razorback XT was also loaded with flash-suppressed powder to reduce muzzle flash during low-light and night-time hunting conditions to prevent night blindness. This .44 cartridge fires a 225-grain payload at 1250 fps, to deliver the lethal knockdown power feral hog hunters are looking for.

Photo Credit: Kim Hessing

Photo: Kim Hessing

With my newly acquired Razorback XT ammo in hand, a trip to the shooting range was in order. The first few shots revealed a need to adjust my scopes elevation. At 25 yards, the 225gr. load was hitting 4.5” high, compared to the 240gr. Winchester Super-X cartridge I was using for deer hunting. Once the elevation adjustment was made, I was very pleased with the grouping punched in the target. My quest for harvesting a feral hog was a short-range endeavor, and my confidence in the knockdown power of Winchester’s specialized hog hunting cartridge was high.

Unfortunately on this trip, the lack of shot opportunities prevents me from giving a personal testament to the knockdown power of the Winchester 44 Rem Mag. Razorback (Razor Boar) XT. I am happy to report, however, two boars were taken by members of our hunting party using other calibers of the Winchester Razor Boar ammo. Both shots ended with great results. One boar was shot at 42 yards using the .270 round. The second boar was shot at 50 yards using the .308 round. The result, short and very easy to follow, 42 and 50 yard bloodtrails.

The Winchester Razor Back XT in .270 took down Kurt's 180 pound boar within 50 yards. Photo: Mackenzie Walters

The Winchester Razor Back XT in .270 took down Kurt’s 180 pound boar within 50 yards.
Photo: Mackenzie Walters

The Razorback XT 270 win 130 grain was used by both Mackenzie and Kurt. At 200 yards the trajectory is 0.0, the energy is 1868, and the velocity is 2544. At 100 yards the trajectory is 1.5, the energy is 2254, and the velocity is 2794. Muzzle energy is 2702 and velocity is 3060. At 100 yards, my shot was just a little high but still on target. I also shot at 40 yards at a standard clay pigeon, breaking it with no problems. Kurt’s shot on the boar was very effective. He shot the boar hog right behind the front shoulder with the shot exiting slightly further back. The hog only went 50 yards after the shot. It takes a lot to put a big old hog down. We were confident with Winchester Razor Boar XT to do the job.

Leann used the Razor Back XT in .308 and Kurt used the .270 to take these 2 great boars during the hunt. Photo: Leann Blasko

Leann used the Razor Back XT in .308 and Kurt used the .270 to take these two great boars during the hunt.
Photo: Leann Blasko

Leann was using the Razor Boar XT in .308, she stated: “Before leaving on the hog hunt I shot my rifle in with a different 150 grain Winchester ammo; I had no issues switching from the other Winchester ammo to the Razor boar XT, the trajectory on each was

Razor Boar XT in .308 took down this 260 pound boar, he dropped within 30 yards. Photo: Leann Blasko

Razor Boar XT in .308 took down this 260 pound boar; he dropped within 30 yards.
Photo: Leann Blasko

similar. On our recent hog hunt in Alabama I had the opportunity to hunt from an elevated stand in a wooded area. Shortly after day break, I spotted the boar edging toward a small wallow. I watched for several minutes, of course with my crosshairs on him. Finally, he presented a broadside angle, with a muzzle velocity of 2810 fps, the Razor Boar XT by Winchester, had no issues taking a 260 pound boar at 50 yards. With a well-placed shot, this 150 grain .308 cartridge allowed the boar to only go about 30 yards, leaving a blood trail any rookie could follow. The hog ran into a dense brush area that was so thick you could only see about five feet away from you. Even with this thick brush, we were able to follow the blood trail with ease. Razor Boar XT will be going hog hunting with me again!”

As a long-time innovative leader and respected supplier of sporting ammunition, I encourage all those looking for a specialized hog hunting cartridge to take a look at Winchester’s Razor Boar XT lineup for your ammo needs. To learn more about Winchester’s 44 Rem Mag. Razorback XT ammo, and Winchester’s other calibers, visit The MSRP’s for Razor Boar XT .270, Razor Boar XT .308, and Razor Boar XT .44 REM MAG are all in the mid $30 range for the box of 20. All Winchester ammunition is available for sale at sport retailers across the country.

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