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Sweating is inevitable, especially for those of us who are active in the outdoors. When it comes to any outdoor, physical activity, such as hunting, fishing, hiking, or kayaking, we are constantly perspiring–whether it is hot or cold outside! To try to beat the heat or keep our heads covered, we often wear hats or ball caps to try to keep our heads and face protected from the elements. However, it is a never-ending battle when you are wearing your hat and exerting physical force, because you quickly become saturated in your own sweat. You begin to drip sweat, your eyes start to burn from the perspiration that is slowly slithering down your forehead, your vision starts to blur, your face mask, goggles, or eye glasses become fogged over, your favorite hat becomes stained with sweat lines, or even worse–all that sweating can lead to bad acne problems. If you have encountered this scenario before, then there is a perfect solution for you, the outdoor enthusiast!

NoSweat Sweat & Scent Disposable Lid Liners.  Photo: NoSweat Stock Photo

NoSweat Sweat & Scent Disposable Lid Liners.
Photo: NoSweat Stock Photo

NoSweat is a disposable Sweat & Scent Liner that sticks to the inside of any hat, cap, or lid with innovative adhesive backing. The NoSweat liners act as the perfect sweat absorbent for your favorite hat or lid to help protect them, as well as your face and forehead. The NoSweat adhesive liners feature No Sweat Technology, which ultimately reduces any scent and odor from human perspiration, as well as from food, smoke, and gas odors, allowing you to remain undetected on your hunts or outdoor adventures. These liners are ideal for the sportsman and woman for all types of hunting and shooting activities, whether you are in the stand, in a blind, walking fields and woods, setting up decoys, scouting, shooting, or simply just being out in the sun. NoSweat liners are also ideal for fishing, western/equestrian activities, sports, mountain related activities, action/motor sports, and military/tactical.

The NoSweat liners are made out of a comfortable, thin, lightweight material, featuring Dri-LID technology, which is engineered to absorb forehead sweat and clear your line of vision, and ultimately keep sweat out of your eyes and off of your glasses–allowing for clear sights and fog reduction. The patented universal design, allows for the NoSweat liners to stick to the inside of your lid, including the front and/or back or even both if you wish. The liners are equipped with V-SLITS, which allow for your desired positioning on each individual hat, lid, helmet, or beanie, to ensure a perfect fit each time. If you are an outdoor enthusiast who suffers from sensitive skin, like myself, then you can feel confident in wearing a NoSweat lid liner, because they are hypoallergenic and help prevent acne and skin irritation. The soft, thin, padded liners instantly absorb your sweat and keep your bare skin from rubbing against the inside of the hat and causing irritation.

Placing the NoSweat liner inside of my hat prior to a fishing trip.  Photo: Ariel McCracken

Placing the NoSweat liner inside of my hat prior to a fishing trip.
Photo: Ariel McCracken

Not only do the NoSweat liners enable you to have clear vision to stop sweat from dripping down your forehead and into your eyes, but they are completely breathable and prevent your favorite hat and/or hats from becoming engulfed in nasty sweat stains! We have all probably had that one hat that we just can’t part with, even though it is covered in unappealing sweat stains and marks. By simply placing a NoSweat disposable liner inside of your hat prior to any outdoor or physical activity, you can ultimately save your hat from becoming another victim of sweat stain damage–keeping your lid cleaner and fresher, longer.

Application of a NoSweat liner is quick and simple, with just five easy steps:

  1. Peel- NoSweat logo label which covers the back of the adhesive side
  2. Place- NoSweat liner to the inside of your lid for your desired position, by using the adjustable V-SLITS to ensure a comfortable fit
  3. Stick- NoSweat liner firmly to the inside of your lid by pressing along the edges and main area of liner
  4. Trash- After activity or when NoSweat liner becomes fully saturated
  5. Replace- Before your next activity or as needed
My NoSweat liner protected me when I harvested this gobbler during our Spring Gobbler season and had a long hike out of the woods carrying him! Photo: Ariel McCracken

My NoSweat liner kept me dry after a long walk out of the woods after harvesting this gobbler!
Photo: Ariel McCracken

I went out by myself for a turkey hunt this past Spring Gobbler season in Pennsylvania, in mid-April. It was a rather muggy, warm morning, and I had a long walk to and from the turkey woods each way. Luckily, I had fully prepared myself for the hike by placing a NoSweat liner to the inside of my hat before hitting the trail, because I had harvested a gobbler that morning! Between my adrenaline pumping and the long hike out carrying the heavy bird, I had certainly broke out in a sweat, but I did not have to worry about sweat dripping down my forehead and into my eyes, foggy glasses, or a soaked hat thanks to my NoSweat liner absorbing the perspiration.

NoSweat disposable liners are 100% American Made and are available in three types of packaging units: 3 pack, 6 pack, and 12 pack. NoSweat Disposable Sweat & Scent Liners are available online for an MSRP of: $3.99/3 pack, $7.49/6 pack, and $14.49/12 pack. To purchase NoSweat liners and to view the full list of NoSweat products and additional information, you can visit:

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