Ballistic Creations – JoAnn Herbert

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Jim Smith, Owner of Ballistic Creations. Several years ago, Jim starting fashioning jewelry for several lucky co-workers. I’m just thrilled when someone brings donuts into the office, so I’m fairly confident his … Continue reading

Thermacell Saves the Day ~ Diane Hassinger

Anyone who has hunted during mosquito season knows how fast they can ruin your hunt or even your whole trip. I hunt bears in Saskatchewan, hogs in Alabama and most everything in between. I don’t venture into the woods without … Continue reading

Badlands Kali Backpack ~ Diane Hassinger

Binoculars, a range finder, a knife, trail tape, toilet paper, a water bottle, snacks, my hunting license, my video camera and more, these are some of the items I take with me into the woods hunting for the day. As much as … Continue reading

Winchester Razor Boar XT Ammo ~ Kim Hessing

A planned trip to Southern Alabama, where I would meet up with fellow Ladies in Camo staff, in pursuit of feral hogs was all the reason I needed to seek out new ammunition that would meet the demands. Not only … Continue reading

NoSweat: Sweat & Scent Hat Liner ~ Ariel McCracken

Sweating is inevitable, especially for those of us who are active in the outdoors. When it comes to any outdoor, physical activity, such as hunting, fishing, hiking, or kayaking, we are constantly perspiring–whether it is hot or cold outside! To try … Continue reading

Hardcore Hydrographics ~Mackenzie Walters

There comes a point in every hunter’s life where a hunter makes a decision to make a change in equipment and for many reasons. Some hunters only want the newest and latest technologies; some want to upgrade after purchasing a … Continue reading

Midway USA Foundation ~ Diane Hassinger

How many of you know that Midway USA has a foundation set up to help fund shooting sports in high schools, colleges, and other youth shooting teams? Every year Larry and Brenda Potterfield donate “to fund the purchase of promotional … Continue reading