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Southern Belle Outdoors helps keep you scent free, while still keeping your hair and skin soft. Photo: Jeanne Peebles

Southern Belle Outdoor’s InvisiBelle, helps keep you scent-free, while still keeping your hair and skin soft.
Photo: Jeanne Peebles

Everyone knows that one of the key components to success in the woods is remaining scent-free. For a long time women have had to use what the guys used; in most cases the liquid soap was also the shampoo, and you could forget about conditioner. In the last few years that has changed. I had the opportunity to use InvisiBelle by Southern Belle Outdoors during our deer hunting season and was super pleased with this line of products.

Southern Belle Outdoors line of Scent Free products include scent-free shampoo, scent-free conditioner, scent-free body wash and scent-free hand & body lotion. I was pleased with the entire line of products. First thing I always do when I open up anything that says scent-free is take a whiff just to see if I smell anything, and I was pleased that I did not. The body wash washed away cleanly and did not leave any sticky residue. The Shampoo and Conditioner were absolutely outstanding in the fact that they did not dry my hair out. I was able to remain scent free but also not sacrifice the feeling of normal hair care. I have very thick, color treated hair, and I had no issues with color fading or scarecrow hair. Quite the opposite in fact, my hair stayed soft and manageable for three to four days without being re-washed. The hand & body lotion is something I will gladly use year round.

imageInvisiBelle works not only for those wanting to remain scent-free in the woods but those who may suffer from allergies. The entire line of InvisiBelle products is available in 8 oz bottles. InvisiBelle can be purchased at and has a MSRP of $12.00 per bottle. You can also message Southern Belle Outdoors directly on their Facebook page for ordering.

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