ShockEater Shooting Shirts for Youth ~ Diane Hassinger

Do you have youth shooters that love to shoot, but hate the recoil? If you do, you will want to check out the ShockEater Shooting Shirts for Youth from Gamp Sports. These customizable shooting shirts are designed with a shooting … Continue reading

The Rack Packer ~ Mackenzie Walters

Over the years I have learned to work smarter not harder. Why would you make things harder on yourself if you don’t have to? For most of us deer hunting isn’t as easy as going out and shooting one; much time … Continue reading

RPS Extreme Record Play Shoot by Cass Creek ~ Leann Blasko

Living on a farm in Pennsylvania leaves me with plenty of predators to be on the watch for. When I was given the opportunity to try out the RPS Extreme- Record-Play-Shoot by Cass Creek I knew it would get plenty … Continue reading

Wildfowler Outfitter Waterproof Cover-Up Suit by Ariel McCracken

During the late season of hunting, it can be difficult to conceal yourself while on your hunt. Snow can be one of your biggest enemies when trying to blend into your surroundings for late season hunts, especially when you live … Continue reading

Deer Dummy Products ~ Shannon Brandon-Best

As a family we love to go salmon fishing! Every year we harvest enough salmon to feed us for the winter. This year I took along the Deer Dummy Fish Cutting Mat and Deer Cutting Knife to fish camp. The … Continue reading

Bowjax Revelation Split Limb Vibration Dampeners – by JoAnn Herbert

While attending the Archery Trade Association Show in Indianapolis, IN, I met with the representatives of Bowjax. They introduced me to Revelation Split Limb Vibration Dampeners, a product made for split limb compound bows. My first reaction was that they just look … Continue reading

Team Realtree 20″ Three Section Backpack ~ Diane Hassinger

Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t stay in one place too long. I am always on the go whether it is work, hunting, or fishing. I generally travel with my computer and iPad, as well as a few other … Continue reading

30-06 Outdoors Deluxe Camo Crossbow Case-By JoAnn Herbert

Usually my crossbow gets thrown in the back seat of the truck on top of my clothes, camera bag, or whatever might be needed for the hunt. Bumps, scrapes, and just the exposure of having my crossbow hanging out in … Continue reading

Arctic Radwear by Radians-Diane Hassinger

Everyone is affected by the heat at some point. On a recent trip to the Florida Keys, heat stroke was a real possibility. The new Arctic Radwear by Radians helped keep that possibility at bay. The Radians Arctic Radwear Cooling … Continue reading