Rothco Advanced Tactical Bag ~ Nancy Jo Adams

  From the depths of Southern Alabama to the other side of the Moon in South Africa, the sling style Rothco Advanced Tactical Bag has served as a field pack, carry-on, messenger bag and most recently my hunting pack. For … Continue reading

Inova STS Headlamp by Nite Ize- Ariel McCracken

Inova STS Headlamps available in three colors: charcoal, orange, and blue, shown with red and white LED lights on. Photo: Nite Ize Stock Photo When it comes to hunting, having a quality headlamp to safely guide you in and out … Continue reading

Scent Line Scent Dispersal System- Ariel McCracken

We’ve all tried countless scent dispersing methods for our favorite deer lures and scents while hunting: scent bombs, wicks, drags, mists, drops, or even smoke sticks. Maybe you prefer one method over the other, but something we commonly find while trying to disperse … Continue reading

Mini Phantom Digital Call ~Diane Hassinger

Have you ever been deer hunting, and heard the tell tale sound of a coyote in the distance? I have, and usually I have no way of calling that predator in close enough for a shot. Most times, having coyotes … Continue reading

Silver State Apparel ~Leann Blasko

I spend much of my time concealing one or more of my multiple carry pistols. For this fact, I am always on the lookout for a nice quality concealed carry shirt. Of the shirts I have tried they are either bulky and … Continue reading