Home Defense/Massad Ayoob ~ Leann Blasko

Do you find yourself concerned that your home is an easy target? Do you check your house to make sure the windows are locked before you go to bed? Do you know the easiest ways to break into your house?  … Continue reading

Sitka Youth Kelvin Hoody ~ Shannon Brandon-Best

As a family, we are very outdoor oriented. Living the life style we do, we know the importance of having comfortable reliable gear. When it comes to my children this is often hard to come by. Anyone who has ever … Continue reading

All-In Outdoors Leg Cuff – Mackenzie Walters

It is the goal of every deer hunter to be able to bring a deer home every time they hit the woods. So much goes into preparation but little thought goes into what happens after the harvest. Maybe you will … Continue reading

Havalon Knives Stag Knife ~ Nikita Dalke

I received a newsletter in my email from Havalon Knives announcing the new release of the Havalon Knives Stag knife and I instantly loved the look of it. My husband has the Piranta and I have used it, so I … Continue reading

Peca Products Outdoorsman Kit & Camo Kit ~ Nikita Dalke

Peca products makes lens cleaners and they offer multiple different kits to fit your needs. I received the Outdoorsman kit and the anti-fog camo kit to test out on my own optics. I was looking forward to trying them out, … Continue reading

HECS Stealthscreen- Ariel McCracken

  We’ve all been there before—woke up before the crack of dawn, climbed into our tree stands to get settled in for your big hunt ahead, waited patiently for any activity, and quickly gotten busted by the first deer that … Continue reading

Extreme Wrist Sling and Mount ~ Nikita Dalke

When you are into archery its always nice being able to customize your bow to suit your personality and to give it a little flare. Companies are now catering to this idea as well by providing different color risers, strings … Continue reading

The Limb Grip- Ariel McCracken

It’s never easy trying to climb up your tree stand, especially when you are bundled up in heavy hunting clothes, weighed down with your fully stocked backpack of gear and equipment, and let’s not forget, all while trying to hoist up … Continue reading