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Practice makes perfect. We’ve all heard that famous saying more than a handful of times in our lives. But when it comes to archery hunting, that particular saying is extremely valid. Archery hunting takes dedication, patience, and an accurate shot, each and every time. Typically, we are used to shooting the same targets over and over again, which overtime, starts become less of a challenge and makes for a less exciting practice session.

After so long, shooting at that same circle or grid on that old block or bag target, or any other version of that sort, becomes quite daunting and repetitive. You begin to master each shot and before too long, you are able to pattern each shot in a precise grouping for that target of yours. Once you master that target, you are quickly wanting to seek the next thrill and challenge yourself with a new, and more realistic and life-like object…a 3D target!

mallard kka target

Kustom King Traditional Archery Drake Mallard LongLife 3D Target Photo: Kustom King Traditional Archery Stock Photo

With Kustom King Traditional Archery’s LongLife 3D Targets, archers can practice shooting their bows in a refreshing, new, and fun way.  The various LongLife 3D Targets by Kustom King Traditioinal Archery are composed of a special self-healing foam that substantially prolongs the life of each target. The special self-healing foam provides shooters with optimal cushioning protection against repeated impacts from your field points and/or broad heads.  Removal of arrows is no longer a difficult struggle because of the unique composition of materials which the LongLife 3D Targets are made out of. At times, when trying to remove arrows from block or bag targets, it is difficult to remove the arrows with ease. With the LongLife 3D Targets, removal is quick and simple and the target itself is exceptional at stopping the arrows upon impact. Kustom King Traditional Archery’s LongLife 3D Targets are available in varying sizes, depending on the particular species of target which you are seeking. All targets are weather resistant and are available in a wide variety of game species, which provides archers with the opportunity to choose their animal of choice and gives them excellent practice for shooting at life-like, various species of animals, such as a turkey, hog, duck, or raccoon, to name a few.

Each individual LongLife 3D Target is equipped with pre-designed anchoring holes at the bottom of every target, so that you can easily mount the target onto your preferred stand of choice to securely hold the target up. When setting up my rat and mallard duck LongLife 3D Targets, I chose to use sticks which I had found from a downed tree near where I was shooting, and pushed them into the ground while placing my targets on top of them for stability. This made set up very quick and easy, and I was able to set them up with ease by utilizing natural resources around me.

rat bullseye kka

Perfecting my shot with my Rat LongLife 3D Target with the help of the vitals scoring section! Photo: Ariel McCracken

The LongLife 3D Targets are created with realistic detail and are clearly marked with scoring vital sections on each individual species game target. The vital sections are easily identifiable with the circular, groove cut rings which replicate the shot placement of each animal target. The scoring vital sections allow archers to challenge themselves when practicing their shots because the target areas can vary in size and location, depending on which species of target you are shooting at. The LongLife 3D Targets are wonderful for archers of all ages, beginners or experts, and provide hunters with the opportunity to have fun and make games out of every practice session. Because there are numerous species of LongLife 3D Targets, it offers archers a wide variety options for archers to target practice with. The fun never ends when you are shooting at the different species of LongLife 3D Targets!


It’s always a blast practicing my shooting with my LongLife 3D Targets at home! Photo: Ariel McCracken

I had the opportunity to test out two of the LongLife 3D Targets: the Drake Mallard and the Rat. Both targets were of different sizes and stature, so it made practice shooting very challenging and exciting.  The Longlife Drake Mallard measures 5.5” high x 15″ long and weighs approx. 1.15 Lbs. The Longlife Rat measures 5” high x 22” long and weighs approx. 1.85 Lbs. Both of these targets provided me with the opportunity to shoot at something more life-like and away from the norm, such as a regular block target. I was able to move the targets with ease and transport them to various locations throughout my yard because of their lightweight composition and self-healing foam. I have always wanted to eventually try shooting waterfowl with my bow, so being able to practice shooting at a target that replicated the real deal, was very enlightening. These targets were wonderful for a group of my friends and I to target shoot because it felt as if we were at an indoor 3D archery range, but within the comfort of our own backyard.

The MSRP of the Drake Mallard LongLife 3D Target is $35.50. The MSRP of the Rat LongLife 3D Target is $53.95. To see a full list of the available LongLife 3D Targets, you can view them at: http://www.kustomkingarchery.com/Longlife-3D-Targets/products/78/. To view the rest of Kustom King Traditional Archery’s products, you can visit their website at: http://www.kustomkingarchery.com/. Kustom King Traditional Archery is also the exclusive supplier of many BearPaw Products from Henry Bodnik. To check out the BearPaw Blog/website, you can visit: http://www.bearpaw-blog.com/.

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