Hunting Revolution Sling-on by Nikita Dalke


This product is a very simple but great concept. I’m surprised somebody didn’t come up with it years ago! Kudos to Hunting Revolution for thinking of it. The Sling-on attaches to your gun sling and is made of an elastic band with a plastic clasp that is super easy to install and use.

The Sling-On is easy to use and keeps your gun/bow in place. Photo Credit: Nikita Dalke

The Sling-On is easy to use and keeps your gun/bow in place. Photo Credit: Nikita Dalke

To install it, it has 2 loops on either end of the sling, the top loop goes over the clasp at the top of your sling and you just attach your sling back to your rifle. The bottom loop wraps around the bottom of your sling and the clip loops through. You can use it with a rifle sling and a bow sling.

You just sling your rifle, or bow, over your shoulder how you normally do, undo the clasp on the sling-on and put the top piece behind your back, under your arm, across your torso and clasp it back together. It stays tight and your rifle doesn’t slide off your shoulder. The clasp is easy to unfasten, so if you have a moment where you need your rifle fast, it’s just a quick pinch and it comes off. It was rated a 5 star product by Crossbow Magazine.


Photo Credit: Nikita Dalke

Photo Credit: Hunting Revolution Stock Photo

I can honestly say it will not be coming off of my sling until it breaks or wears out. Especially with how much I hunt with my kids; it gives me 2 free hands to help them walk through the bush or to carry one if need be. Even just for spot and stalk it is a valuable item. It makes climbing steep terrain a breeze because I have 2 hands to use for climbing and balance, and I don’t have to worry about dropping my rifle.


The Sling-on is only available in black and has an MSRP of $12.00. You can order yours at, as well as see all the other neat products Hunting Revolution has to offer.

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