Irish Setter Women’s VaprTrek Hunting Boots- Ariel McCracken

If the shoe fits, wear it—right? What about, “If the boot fits…”? Hunting boots are essential for each and every hunt that you embark on and having a good quality boot is easily just as important as remembering your rifle … Continue reading

Her Non Scents-Nikita Dalke

Her Non Scents offers a stylist created shampoo, conditioner and body wash line for the huntress and its all made by hand from scratch! The shampoo is color safe and sulfate free. It’s made without harsh surfactants, which means you … Continue reading

Arno Bernard Knives ~Diane Hassinger

Do you have a knife collector on your Christmas list? How about a dedicated hunter? Arno Bernard creates handcrafted knives that are works of art! The Bernard family has been custom knife makers in Africa for many generations, and their … Continue reading

Miracle Grill Mat ~Leann Blasko

Are you looking for an easy Christmas gift for the Grill Master on your list this year‭? The Miracle Grill Mat is the perfect gift for anyone who likes to grill‭ ‬or someone who is just learning the art.‭ ‬These … Continue reading

Caddis Wading System ~Diane Hassinger

I love salmon fishing in the fall! Waders can fail over time, and it was time for me to replace my old ones. The Caddis Wading System has a great line designed just for women, that combines both good looks … Continue reading

Click It Hot ~Diane Hassinger

I struggle to stay warm while hunting and fishing. I have tried the disposable pocket hand warmers, and while they have their place, once they get wet or torn, they are done. Click It Hot has a reusable hand/body warmers … Continue reading

Kakadu Traders Anna Bay Vest ~ Leann Blasko

It is that time of the year that I am layering up, but I don’t need a jacket all the time just yet. When I found the Anna Bay Vest from Kakadu Traders Gunn Worn Collection, I knew it would … Continue reading