Cajun & Cracker Outdoors Open Season Y’all ~ Leann Blasko

Cajun and Crackers Outdoors has a new seasoning named Open Season Y’all. This seasoning can be used on a variety of foods and according to their website is “great on just about everything!” As we were sick of the same seasonings … Continue reading

Scarpa Kailash GTX Women’s Boot – Nikita Dalke

I purchased the Scarpa Kailash GTX boots when I found out I was one of the finalists in the Extreme Huntress contest and would be flown to Texas within a month’s time. I decided that my current boots would be … Continue reading

Crazy Archery – Mackenzie Walters

Point of view cameras are all the rage these days allowing hunters to record what is down range from their sight or scope. They allow hunters to video their hunts without high-dollar equipment. What if you wanted to have a … Continue reading

Code Blue Face Paint and Smoke Detector – Ariel McCracken

With the start of the waterfowl hunting season commencing and quickly approaching in other states, there are several vital items which can be very beneficial for waterfowl hunters to pack inside of their blind bags before hitting the swamps or … Continue reading

C-EZ Highly Reflective Decals – Nancy Jo Adams

We have all been there–and if you haven’t, your day is coming. Case scenario, It is the final light of your afternoon hunt and a buck comes into your setup. You draw your bow, place the pin on its vitals … Continue reading

NiteIze GearTie – JoAnn Herbert

It’s amazing how many items a hunter will take up a tree stand! Sometimes I feel like a pack mule by the time I’ve finally settled down for the hunt! Items that I want to remain out of my backpack … Continue reading

Olympia RG850 Flashlight ~Diane Hassinger

When I am hunting, I want my equipment to do many jobs and to be as compact as possible while doing so. My flashlights are no different. Not only do I want a beam of light, ease of use, easy … Continue reading

Scott Archery Little Bitty Goose Release – Ariel McCracken

When it comes to archery hunting, comfort and proper fit are key to a successful shooting experience. This includes the appropriate draw weight and draw length of the bow, the overall size, weight, and design of the bow in comparison … Continue reading

SnowLizard SLXtreme 11 Power Bank – Nancy Jo Adams

Not everyone uses electronics in the field or on the go, but some depend on them by choice or by necessity. I carry an iPad and iPhone with me literally everywhere I go. I use my iPad to write articles … Continue reading